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Top 15 Sites To Find and Hire the Best Venture Capital Consultants

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

To find the top 3% of venture capital consultants, check out Toptal. In as little as 48 hours, you can start working with freelance venture capital experts who have decades of experience working with everyone, from small startups to tech companies to investment banks to Fortune 500 companies. Many professionals who have profiles on Toptal have secured billions in funding for their clients. This platform doesn't charge a fee until you find the right person, so there's no risk involved for your business.

This consulting firm has a unique vertical called Venture Capital as a Service, which encompasses both the financial modeling and strategic aspects of fundraising. Through Bain and Company, you can hire venture capital consultants and take part in a comprehensive, tested process for startup growth. This firm is smart if you're interested in tech-driven solutions that can support rapid acceleration from a 360-degree perspective.

When you work with Robert Half, the company's managed solutions team can help you find the level of consulting experience you need in the venture capital realm. You can provide information about your needs and let a Robert Half professional agent match you with customized solutions, including experts in the appropriate subject matter for your industry. You can also browse detailed profiles of financial consultants to make a direct hire.

When you work with Fintalent, a specialized platform for the best and brightest in the industry, it's easy to hire venture capital consultants who have worked at every stage of every capital curve and have extensive capital markets experience. Freelance venture capital specialists available through this site have comprehensive fundraising experience for startups, including skills like term sheets, cap tables, pitch decks, exit strategies, employee and virtual stock option plans, capital strategy, SWOT analysis, pre-series funding, and seed financing. They serve clients all over the world, including firms like J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs.

5. GLG

Touting itself as the "world's insight network," GLG strives to help companies make smart decisions with experts in countless areas, including venture capital. Within the finance realm, you'll find experts in private equity, hedge funds, and other relevant areas. They can guide your business throughout the process of seeking venture capital or provide support for discrete challenges, debt financing, or risk mitigation. The site has more than a million members, increasing your chances of finding the right experts.

On this platform, you can hire a venture capital advisor for flexible engagements to help you design investment strategies, prepare for potential investments, and deal with potential investors. Through Coleman RG, you can purchase one-on-one consultations, either in person or by phone, with seasoned investment bankers, as well as arrange for expert quick polls and surveys for targeted purposes. The site thrives on the idea that information is changing faster than ever before, so it pays to quickly access the data you need with the help of the right experts.

As one of the largest job boards in the US, Indeed can connect you in seconds to hundreds of freelance venture capital consultants who have worked with portfolio companies. You can see detailed candidate profiles and narrow your search to find experts with venture capital career experience who can help you with business plans, financial projections, and investment decisions.

However, you do need to subscribe to the site to view full resumes and hire venture capital consultants through Indeed. You can also post your position and let the candidates come to you. With Indeed, you can find experts who have worked for a long period of time with growth-stage companies and growth equity firms and have experience in financial planning, market analysis, corporate development, and analytical skills. 

This platform is one of the few sites that specifically matches early-stage companies with consultants. Catalant has a slate of more than 70,000 experts in more than a dozen fields, including finance. What's more, the site has been successfully used by major brands, including Shell, Pfizer, and General Electric.

Catalant costs 30% to 50% less than traditional consulting, so it's an affordable site to hire venture capital consultants. Find experts in investment modeling, investment analysis, investment operations, and investment profits across a swath of industries. 

When you're ready to move forward, LinkedIn ranks as one of the most viable paths to hire venture capital advisors, because you can follow interesting experts to learn more about the venture capital realm. This platform is a popular place for consultants to build their brands with action plans, so you can easily become familiar with the candidates on your shortlist.

LinkedIn also boasts a full suite of talent solutions for employers, more than 875 million members, and 6 people hired every second through the site. You can hire candidates with winning resumes for management consulting, finance roles, financial operations, corporate strategy, and more. 

As one of the first sites to specialize in remote and flexible work, FlexJobs remains one of the best places to hire freelance professionals for tech startups. The platform works with companies of all sizes and capital structures, from new enterprises to Fortune 500 firms. Your business can select from multiple membership levels, creating an affordable way to hire venture capital consultants. One caveat: You do need to join the site to browse the profiles of candidates.

This specialized venture capital consulting firm works with high-growth companies of all sizes. Through Pinewood, you can partner with experts who help your company manage the process of finding capital, develop presentation materials, conduct research, build financial models, and close transactions successfully. The company has a comprehensive, streamlined process designed to help technical founders thrive through fundraising.

Consider using ZipRecruiter to hire venture capital advisors for access to helpful tools like customizable job post templates and smart candidate-matching technology to help you find the expertise you need. Once you do, you can invite them to apply directly for your posting. As another benefit, this platform sends your posting to more than 100 top job sites, so you'll have an expansive reach for your search. While it's free to create an account on ZipRecruiter, keep in mind that you'll need to pay for the site's premium features.

13. Guru

Thousands of freelance venture capital consultants with over a decade of capital markets experience from all over the world use Guru to find clients like you. You can hire venture capital advisors on either an hourly or project basis through this platform or use the site's managed solutions team to get personalized advice about your company's financial hiring needs. On Guru, you can filter by all-time earnings to find professionals who deliver real results.

14. Upwork

A quick search on Upwork reveals hundreds of experienced freelance venture capital consultants, and you can easily narrow the field with intuitive filters for industry, region, hourly rate, languages spoken, and experience level. You can hire venture capital consultants through this platform on a project basis or for ongoing assistance. With a variety of available skill sets among professionals on the site, you can target someone who has knowledge in your specific interest areas and needs.

This targeted platform matches startup companies with the global talent they need for true growth, providing access to millions of potential candidates in minutes. In fact, DoorDash, NerdWallet, Postmates, and Peloton all made their first hires through AngelList. You can choose from the Recruit Pro or Team packages, depending on the level of service you need. The site also has specialty services for companies seeking remote freelance venture capital advisors with experience in financing and investing plans.

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Guide To Hiring a Great Venture Capital Consultant

Startup companies hire venture capitalists to secure the funds they need for growth. These consultants typically partner with entrepreneurs and technical founders, bringing the expertise and connections new businesses need for sustainable business development.

What Are Venture Capital Consultants?

Venture capital consultants can help your company with financial statement analysis, risk management analytics, and finding interested investors. These individuals have industry experience, financial modeling skills, and expansive networks in the venture capital sector and can connect you with people and organizations that want to fund startup companies with impact investing.

How To Hire Venture Capital Consultants

Companies typically hire venture capital consultants on a freelance basis. Usually, these professionals work for a startup during the funding phase, in preparation to seek venture capital as well as during pitch meetings and through negotiations and final contract approval. You can engage them by paying an hourly rate, offering project-based compensation, or determining a set salary for the consultation term in question.

Skills To Look for When Hiring a Venture Capital Consultant

The person you hire should have existing knowledge of your industry, as well as the drive to learn as much as possible about your specific business. A consultant with post-university experience from top universities like the University of Chicago, Michigan State University, or Columbia University will be able to help you with product planning, resource planning, product development, and even reach angel investors.

Your venture capital advisor should soon be able to deliver your elevator pitch as well as anyone on your leadership team and be enthused about and engaged with the prospect of selling your startup.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Venture Capital Consultants?

You'll find an expansive range of hourly rates among freelance venture capital consultants. For example, you can hire industry-professional experts for anywhere from $50 to nearly $500 per hour based on contract negotiations. Most sources estimate an average hourly rate of around $150 to $200 for freelance fundraising consultants, depending on their experience level and the project's complexity.

You might also want to find freelance venture capital consultants who charge a day rate. According to Aly Sterling Philanthropy, expect to pay about $1,500 to $2,000 per day with this type of hiring structure. According to data from Payscale, if you decide to hire a salaried venture capital specialist, the average pay for this role is about $73,000 per year.

Avoid working with venture capital consultants who charge a percentage of the funds they raise for your company. Doing so represents an ethical violation under the terms of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. 

Where To Hire Venture Capital Consultants for Your Project

This guide provides insights your growing startup company needs to confidently hire venture capital consultants to reach early-stage firms and management consulting firms.

Why Hire Venture Capital Consultants

Common reasons companies hire venture capital advisors include:

  • General facilitation and strategic support for fundraising.

  • Research on specific purposes in the venture capital sector, such as the feasibility of launching an initial public offering.

  • Access to their expansive investor network, including wealth assessment data.

  • Establishing new and sustainable sources of capital funding.

Within these four key areas, the top venture capital consultants can facilitate everything from the granular details of a campaign to the company's high-level strategic fundraising approach.

How To Find a Great Venture Capital Consultant

Toptal ranks at the top of this list of the best sites to hire venture capital consultants because of its selective process. The platform only accepts a few of the professionals who apply to serve as experts on the site.

Bain and Company is another great place to hire venture capital consultants, particularly for companies wanting a well-defined, experienced approach to startup fundraising.

Finally, Coleman RG fills out the top three because of the platform's flexibility, providing affordable solutions for brand-new businesses that need expert fundraising insight.

Things To Consider Before Hiring a Venture Capital Consultant

Defining your company's capital fundraising goals in advance will facilitate finding a consultant with the right skills and expertise. When you have a plan in place, consider these questions as you assess potential candidates:

  • Have they successfully consulted on venture capital campaigns in your industry or a closely related sector?

  • Do they display comprehensive knowledge of capital fundraising, including the necessary investor network?

  • What type of relevant career experience do they have? For example, many top venture capital consultants pursue this path after retiring from long careers as financial executives.

  • Do they have industry certifications from professional organizations, such as the Association of Fundraising Professionals and The Giving Institute?

  • Can they articulate their startup fundraising philosophy? Does it fit with your company's mission, vision, culture, and values?

  • Do they have experience with remote consulting in the venture capital space?

  • How do they bill for services, and does the provided quote fit your budget?

  • Can they connect you with other top professionals to join the fundraising team for discrete purposes, such as pitch deck development?

  • Are they prepared to maintain the utmost confidentiality when it comes to your company's intellectual property?

  • Finally, is your company ready to bring a venture capital consultant on board?

Business owners know that it can be challenging to find the right talent, so use our list of top sites to guide your search for your next hire.


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