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Top 15 Sites To Find and Hire the Best Financial Modeling Consultants

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

Toptal is one of the best freelance marketplaces out there and connects top talent with top organizations. This international freelancing platform helps businesses find experienced finance, engineering, and technology professionals. For quality assurance, Toptal matches businesses with the candidates who best fit their specific needs, oftentimes within 24-48 hours.

Toptal’s fully-remote team vets freelancers using a series of performance, personality, and skills tests, so you don't have to screen and interview a large pool of candidates. The company estimates that only 3% of applicants make it through Toptal’s rigorous process. For this reason, Toptal’s talent are among the most highly qualified experts available.

2. Paro

You'll find experts in every aspect of business and finance, including financial modeling and analysis, on Paro. The service strives to help companies cope with immediate challenges, as well as build the financial framework for ongoing success. Professionals have to apply to advertise on Paro, which means you'll find higher-quality talent than on platforms without such processes. The site also stands out because of its innovative AI search function, which streamlines the time it takes to find a freelance financial consultant.

This company helps you find a financial modeling consultant within 48 hours. Fintalent largely operates on an “invite-to-apply” model, meaning that for most projects, matching technology scans the Fintalent network to find suitable candidates, and only these individuals are shortlisted for the project. This level of exclusivity might make you more confident that you're hiring an expert with the right knowledge and credentials when dealing with corporate clients, enterprise clients, bank proposals, and various corporate structures and finance structures. When you work with this platform, you'll find consultants seasoned in financial strategy and mergers and acquisitions for nearly 3,000 different industries. Fintalent freelancers have at least three years of experience with an average of seven.

On this platform, you can create a financial modeling project and receive bids from seasoned professionals. In addition to browsing Catalant Marketplace for the necessary expertise, you can also connect with a dedicated customer service representative who can help you find eligible freelancers on the site. According to Catalant, 30% of Fortune 100 companies rely on its services, a testament to the quality and value you'll find from the 70,000 experts who use the platform to advertise.

Quickly locate and hire financial modeling consultants and finance professionals from all over the world with BorderlessMind. This platform recruits only the best 5% of remote teams and freelance workers in each field, so you can be sure you're connecting with candidates who have already been verified and have financial modeling talent. BorderlessMind also emphasizes scaling, so you can easily build the team you need with flexible resources to support expanding growth and fulfill evolving objectives. A technical advisor from the site works with you through each step of the process and builds the business model canvas. 

This platform connects you with independent professionals who can assist with immediate and ongoing financial services and modeling needs, advising, consulting, market research, and more. Do you have a question that needs to be answered right away? You can even use CleverX to book an instant video call with a consultant who has extensive experience in capital raising, market conditions, mathematical models, balance sheet issues, market dynamics, and more. 

As one of the only career-focused social networks, LinkedIn lets you build relationships with freelance financial modeling experts who can provide robust analysis and projection. In addition to reading through profiles and sending connection requests to promising experts, you can also post your job on this platform for free.

Workana wants to make it easy for you to hire freelance financial modeling consultants to help you make informed decisions. You can search by specific skills and filter by region, languages spoken, star ratings, experience level, actual performance, and hourly rate. In addition, Workana connects you with strong modelers, individual financial modeling consultants, and agencies that specialize in this type of work. You can select verified freelancers, which costs a bit more, or choose from the entire marketplace to save on these services.

Try Kolabtree if you want to work with modelers who have experience in investment banking, have published articles in the field, or have earned an advanced degree. In addition to these criteria, this site lets you narrow down your search by country of origin and browse through profiles containing average working experience and hourly rate information. Not finding a match? You can also post your job and have Kolabtree connect you with the ideal expert for the job.

10. Guru

You'll find nearly 3,000 professional financial modelers on the freelance platform Guru, which will ease your hiring process. The site casts an international net, so you'll find many global experts who offer affordable annual retainers for this type of analysis. Guru has a good reputation in the industry, with more than $1 million in paid freelance invoices recorded over the history of the site. The site offers 24/7 customer support and verifies every worker on its platform, including transparent client rating information.

This site works a bit differently than other freelance financial consulting platforms. You can look for a talent pool of professionals offering to complete specific modeling jobs at a fixed price. Small business owners can save a lot of money through PeoplePerHour for simple projects such as financial projections, operational projections, analysis of asset prices, and Excel modeling builds. If you prefer, you can also browse profiles of freelance financial modeling professionals with resumes and ratings and hire them on an hourly basis.

Betterteam touts itself as the fastest way to hire, since it searches hundreds of job sites to find the ideal candidate for your needs. You only need to submit a single posting for your position to land everywhere from Indeed to Monster and beyond. Major organizations like Home Advisor, Keller Williams, Kroger, and the American Red Cross have hired financial modeling consultants and other experts through Betterteam.

If you're looking for a freelance financial modeling consultant, this widely-used platform offers a breadth of options. You can both browse profiles of people who have the necessary skills and post your job to receive applications directly from qualified professionals. Freelancer stands out because of its comprehensive search functions and filters. For example, you can search by hourly rate and look for freelancers who have passed specific exams.

14. Upwork

It's easy to find outstanding freelance financial modelers with strong historical performance through Upwork, since the platform shows real ratings from actual clients for each person with your target skill set. You'll also benefit from the user-friendly browsing interface, which shows a snapshot of each candidate for financial modeling services, including hourly rate, client score, industry certifications, and areas of expertise. If you prefer to let qualified professionals come to you, you can also post your unique job description on Upwork to find financial modeling consultants for a majority of projects.

15. Fiverr

While Fiverr originally started as a platform for projects at less than $5 (hence the name), today you can find all kinds of professionals on it, including financial modeling consultants. As with PeoplePerHour, you can browse by flat-rate fees if you know exactly what you want, or you can hire the asset managers and financial professionals of your choice at an hourly rate. Narrow down your options by budget, delivery turnaround time, geographic area, and whether you want a vetted professional to do the job.

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Guide To Hiring Freelance Financial Modeling Consultants

Companies of all sizes hire financial modeling experts to help with budgets, financial analysis, business plans, and future projections, so explore these sites to find consultants with the experience and knowledge your firm needs to thrive.

What Are Financial Modeling Consultants?

Financial modeling consultants provide businesses with the data analysis they need to effectively plan for future growth. Some of their key duties include budgeting, financial reporting, capital fundraising, pricing stock shares and options, and projecting future earnings. Financial modeling specialists use software such as Microsoft Excel, Oracle, Hyperion, Quantrix, and IBM Cognos to process and evaluate financial data.

Because it's so specialized and valuable, financial modeling is indeed an in-demand skill for employers. You'll have more success hiring the right freelance candidate if you develop detailed project objectives in advance. By using online sites like the ones in this list to hire financial modeling consultants, you can quickly find freelance experts in this field from all over the world, often contracting with a professional within 48 hours.

How To Hire a Financial Modeling Consultant

Hiring freelance, remote financial modeling consultants lets your business save substantially over the cost of hiring someone on a full-time or part-time basis. When you pay only for the services you need, you can free up funds for other key growth areas. This approach also reduces associated employment expenses, such as benefits and office space.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Financial Modeling Consultant

According to the Corporate Finance Institute, most financial modeling consultants actually use the job title of financial analyst. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that financial analysts earn an average of more than $81,000 per year and about $39 per hour. You can use these numbers as a guide to determine the project-based or salary rate you need to hire someone in this field.

Salary tends to increase with experience and skills. BLS data found that the highest 10% of financial analysts earn nearly $165,000 annually, another reason it might make sense to go with a freelance expert rather than an employee. The corresponding hourly rate for someone with this level of experience would be about $80, providing more control over this budget line.

Where To Hire a Financial Modeling Consultant

A qualified financial modeling consultant should have at least a bachelor's degree in business, finance, or a related field; many candidates also have a master's degree or even a doctorate. You can also look for industry certifications from organizations such as the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Before becoming freelance consultants, most financial analysts gain work experience at large accounting firms or departments within existing businesses.

These are some of the most important questions to ask before you hire financial modeling experts:

  • What approach do you take to building a financial model?
  • Can you walk me through the process of creating a model to demonstrate your knowledge?
  • What best practices and tools do you use to fine-tune and test a model?
  • How do you personally define a good financial model?
  • What experience do you have working with businesses in industries like ours?
  • How do you stay informed about new developments in the field?

When you hire financial modeling consultants, you may want to give candidates a test assignment, such as creating a template financial model for a startup. Deliverables typically include a three-year, five-year, or 10-year financial statement forecast, with updated balance, cash flow, and profit and loss sheets for each year. You should also expect data that speaks to your key performance indicators, along with a year of operational cash flow projections.

Why Should Businesses Hire Financial Modeling Consultants?

Deciding why you want to hire financial modeling consultants will improve the results of working with this type of expert. Make sure to clearly define the project's KPIs and how you will measure these metrics, the objectives of the model, how you plan to use the information, whether you need a top-down or bottom-up projection, and what type of data you currently have about your company's financial status. Carefully evaluate the opportunities and risks of making this investment.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the stability created by a strong financial model. The expertise of a seasoned modeling consultant informs choices that support long-term sustainability, allowing the company to become profitable and even prepare to seek external funding. Other common reasons to hire financial modeling consultants include:

  • Creating financial forecasts for leadership, shareholders, and other stakeholders
  • Gathering and compiling the necessary data to apply and pitch for funding
  • Modeling various possible scenarios, such as an economic downturn, to see how they affect the company's profit and cash flow
  • Calculating the return on your company's investment in marketing and promotional strategies
  • Testing the impact of variables such as prices, salaries, and hoursIf these needs sound familiar, start your search for a smart, capable financial modeling consultant at any of these 15 highly-regarded hiring sites. Having the right data will improve the ability of your company's leaders to make critical business decisions.


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