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Top 15 Sites To Find and Hire the Best Blockchain Consultants

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

Providing world-class freelance talent to businesses for more than a decade, Toptal tops the list for finding blockchain consultants. The platform carefully sifts applicants and presents only highly qualified professionals.

Toptal boasts a rapid average placement time of fewer than three weeks. In addition, the company screens applicants for soft skills to hire the best blockchain consultants ready for your business challenges.

A no-risk trial provides an easy entry point for connecting with vetted candidates who meet your exact needs, paying only if satisfied.

Independent blockchain consultants use CleverX to connect with businesses looking for advice or project work.

The site uses video conferencing to connect blockchain consultants with teams needing their services. The platform charges for video calls by the minute, so you can control your costs of engaging with a blockchain expert.

Embedded communication tools like chat and video scheduling facilitate smooth collaboration. CleverX maintains a strict privacy policy and supports sharing NDAs, so it works for all business models.

3. Guru

Guru has maintained an international presence since 1998 with its structured community for hiring skilled freelancers.

Businesses looking to hire freelance blockchain professionals can browse resumes, descriptions, and portfolios of fulfillment services and individuals.

Robust search features allow you to filter results on the specific skills and scope your project requires. Hundreds of qualified services and professionals are available. There is no charge to post job descriptions that detail what you seek in a freelancer.

With qualified crypto advisors in the finance sector, Fintalent offers help for cryptocurrency development or creating new concepts you may want to explore.

The hiring and collaboration platform helps you quickly assemble teams with diverse skill sets to complement your projects.

The site offers qualified specialists from which you can choose without investing needlessly in full-time professionals. In addition, the network's global reach lets you pick from the best talent at competitive pricing.

Upwork facilitates a talent marketplace of freelance blockchain experts waiting to contribute to your technical team’s success. Businesses can search by profiles or by predefined available jobs.

Advanced search algorithms help you find the right fit. You can quickly check portfolios and reviews before interacting with professionals. Upwork's creators structured the service with the idea of creating a virtual pool of talent that businesses can rely on to support any project they’re planning.

The mission of CryptoJobs focuses on connecting talented individuals to the best blockchain projects to accelerate the advent of a more decentralized world.

The platform narrows the selection pool and offers professionals specifically trained in the right skill sets for blockchain projects.

Companies can post a single job for a flat rate or save by posting bundles of employment simultaneously.

Unremot is the developer of a business-in-a-box solution for independent consultants in various tech and finance sectors. In addition, the company offers its consultants an integrated community interface to help consultants automate their work and stay connected.

Unremot maintains an elite pool of blockchain consultants with expertise across all domains in the blockchain. So no matter what blockchain specifics you need, the Unremot platform can provide the right consultant.

The blockchain consultants from Consultport have undergone a detailed screening process to enable position matches with high-caliber consultants.

Consultport handpicks consultants with the right know-how for your project through an extensive vetting process based on references, experience, and personal interviews. Blockchain consultants receive ratings based on their experience and suitability for your project specifics.

To help safeguard sensitive projects, Kolabtree enables managers to post their job details in a secure area accessible to applicants.

Site infrastructure facilitates receiving bids from experts ready to work on your project's requirements. Collaboration tools allow users to keep track of conversations and provide an easy-to-navigate workspace for project leaders and blockchain consultants.

Stay in control of budgets with the ability to modify payment if the scope changes. Businesses pay only when satisfied with the results.

Freelancer helps businesses get any size job done, both multifaceted and straightforward projects. In addition, the site provides access to a large selection of experienced blockchain advisors.

Businesses can post projects and set a fixed flat or hourly rate. In addition, built-in collaboration features allow project creators to communicate with individuals or teams of freelancers easily.

You can pay for each step in your development plan as it’s completed to help better manage project costs.

Artificial intelligence enables PeoplePerHour to find and contact blockchain consultants best suited for your project. Less human intervention helps remove biases and ensures that selection by merit locates the right remote blockchain advisors.

Businesses can post a project using specific criteria. For example, granular search controls include specific skill, location, or rate.

You can get a project started with a deposit and pay for the rest of the completed project once you are entirely satisfied with the results.

BairesDev provides blockchain consultants in the top 1% of IT talent in Latin America. The top consultants are identified through screening that involves an application process, online and written tests, an HR interview, a technical interview, and an automated matching system.The company focuses on supplying the most qualified blockchain consultants to help businesses reduce risks, improve security, and work smarter. In addition, BairesDev concentrates on supporting company transaction integrity, covering most blockchain

Betterteam is a way to find blockchain consultants for businesses with limited funds. Job posters pay a flat monthly rate for a specified number of listings.

They offer discounted yearly plans, and you can switch plans at will. In addition, the platform provides a free, no-card trial to help you get started with their services.

The site uses an aggregator to tap into a vast network of freelance candidates, allowing you to identify and hire those most qualified for your project needs.

14. Fiverr

Fiverr moves beyond the idea of a low-cost freelance option to a more advanced model serving businesses as they search for the top blockchain consultants.

Accessing a catalog of pre-verified talent explicitly vetted for your application simplifies the hiring process. As a result, you can cost-effectively expand or shrink your project group as needed without hiring and firing staff.

A team of Success Managers helps match the right freelancers to enhance your team.

ZipRecruiter allows businesses to post single job postings for free. In addition, the extensive network of active freelance applicants helps ensure that you will find the right blockchain consultant for your project at the right price.

The platform markets services to small-and medium-sized businesses or enterprise clients and helps them scale teams based on project requirements.

In addition to this site's reach, it also provides individualized strategies to help you locate and secure the best talent.

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Guide To Hiring a Great Blockchain Consultant

Searching for the right site to engage blockchain advisors can seem overwhelming, so we researched a list of the top 15 online places for finding the right freelancers for your team and created a comprehensive guide for selecting the perfect fit.

Often, it helps to start with obtaining background knowledge. Here are answers to typical questions you may have when looking to find experienced blockchain consultants.

Blockchain has become a buzzword over the last couple of years. Many companies are looking into using a blockchain solution to improve their operations. This is because they see its potential benefits. The question now is whether or not you should hire a consultant to advise you on how to implement a blockchain network in your organization.

What Are Blockchain and Cryptocurrency?

Blockchain technology, conceived in the early 1990s, is a database system that stores information in blocks distributed on a decentralized network. Each node on the network authenticates each piece of information entered into the blockchain, creating a secure transaction method without a third-party verifying authority. In addition, blockchain uses complex cryptography algorithms to anonymize all data, making the system virtually hack-proof.

The recent rise in prominence and popularity of cryptocurrency has sparked new interest in blockchain, since it is the technology that makes digital money a possibility. Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies that run on exchanges powered by blockchain systems. Thanks to these unique systems, cryptocurrency has received widespread acceptance from the public, but it is still uncertain how societies will use virtual money in the future.

Popular blockchain applications include public ledgers, distributed ledgers, and smart contracts.

What Do Blockchain Consultants Do?

The role of the blockchain developer continues to expand as business leaders see how a blockchain project can transform current practices across many different sectors. These professionals examine current business operations, look for ways blockchain systems could improve processes, develop a proof of concept, and plan strategies for blockchain implementation.

The realization of the power of blockchain for transforming major industries—finance, healthcare, legal—has brought an increased awareness of the importance of the blockchain consultant role. Company prognosticators peering into the future see the need for professionals who can help guide their organization into totally new ways of doing things while mitigating disruptions in day-to-day operations.

How Quickly Can I Find a Blockchain Consultant? 

Businesses in many industries and offering various types of jobs need blockchain consultants. As a result, many talented individuals enter the field and quickly fill the necessary roles. Still, finding the right person to meet your specific need may prove challenging, with skilled consultants usually fielding multiple offers with higher-range professional salaries.

The length of time you can expect to hire will vary greatly depending on the type of project and how it will use blockchain. One significant benefit of using a high-quality platform with a large talent network is the ability to rapidly identify individuals who possess the precise skills you need. Using Toptal, for example, you could start working with a blockchain consultant in as little as 48 hours.

How To Hire a Blockchain Expert

You must also consider the best strategy for hiring a blockchain consultant. For example, do you want to hire someone onsite part time or full time? Depending on your situation, hiring full-time, salaried staff may make sense. However, many companies are opting for the flexibility of using freelance professional staff.

Using freelance, preferably remote, blockchain advisors offers several significant benefits. First, issues surrounding employed staff—benefits, vacation, sick time, company fidelity—are absent when dealing with independent contractors who essentially work for themselves. Additionally, remote freelance talent eliminates the need for increased office space and related expenses. Finally, and most significantly, businesses can bring in freelance blockchain pros to work on specific projects directly related to their expertise when needed. When blockchain is not at the forefront, freelance consultants are free to pursue other projects and come back on board when needed.

What Skills Do I Need To Identify in a Blockchain Consultant Before Hiring?

In-demand blockchain consultants are multifaceted individuals with a wide range of skills. Some of the essential attributes to look for include:

  • Broad knowledge of business practices.

  • Strong programming skills.

  • Extensive experience with software development.

  • Ability to embrace new technology.

  • Demonstrable understanding of blockchain's specific implications in different industries.

  • Understanding of blockchain technology.

Called on to lead significant transformations into unknown territory, successful blockchain consultants tend to possess skills that blend aspects of business leaders with those of advanced technology implementation specialists.

What Is the Salary of a Blockchain Consultant?

Blockchain consultants do not come cheaply. A recent report stated that the average salary for blockchain professionals reached an average of $136,000 per year.

Many factors will affect how much you pay for a blockchain consultant. The most prominent are:

  • Scope of the project.

  • Level of technical expertise required.

  • Size of your organization.

  • Team structure: salaried staff, hourly employees, or freelance contractors.

Where To Hire the Right Blockchain Consultant for Your Project

Your first step in hiring a blockchain consultant is determining how specific skill sets will benefit your project. Will you need someone strong in business skills with deep technical understanding but not necessarily hard coding skills, or do your requirements call for someone more experienced in the technical implementation of new network systems?

Consider aspects of the sites covered in this guide for help deciding on where to find blockchain consultants. Lean toward sites in the list that:

  • Pertain specifically to your industry.

  • Have candidates willing to work within your project budget.

  • Screen for specific skills pertinent to your project success.

Blockchain consultants help businesses understand how new technologies will impact their operational procedures. Consequently, they must quickly grasp complex business, government, and socio psychological issues. Locating these talented professionals is not always easy, but using this guide should help you get a good start on finding someone to fill your project needs.


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