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Top 15 Sites To Find and Hire the Best Crowdfunding Consultants

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

The freelance crowdfunding consultants at Toptal represent the top 3% of professionals in the fundraising field due to intensive screening requirements for applicants who want to join this network. The platform’s selective testing and vetting process results in an industry-leading 98% trial-to-hire rate.

In under 48 hours, one of Toptal's top crowdfunding specialists becomes a committed member of your finance team, ready to examine your company like a potential investor. They employ specialized skills, such as knowledge of blockchain and AI, to:

  • Offer advice on how to launch, manage, and design a successful crowdfunding campaign;

  • Compose your mission statement, refine the company narrative, and craft a campaign strategy.

  • Analyze business practices.

  • Verify micro- and macro-scale market research.

  • Conduct feasibility studies.

  • Review your financial documentation for accuracy and clarity.

  • Produce accurate and measurable benchmarks.

2. Paro

Paro uses proprietary AI algorithms to match your company with the best crowdfunding consultants for your strategic planning in a unique approach to freelance hiring. The system also provides suggested hourly rates based on marketplace data for the expertise required to make your project successful from start to finish. 

Professional crowdfunding experts and interested businesses can develop contracts on the Paro platform. This initial moderated interaction means that everyone is on the same page at the start of the project.

Nonprofit fundraising consulting services are the primary focus at Sarah J Consulting, a consulting firm with extensive experience. The firm’s financial services support various philanthropic organizations across the US with strategic planning and a consulting plan in addition to a variety of services. Their freelance crowdfunding consultants work with your business through the entire process and at any stage of the capital development process, from research and planning to long-term campaigns.

Contact the company directly for spot consulting services and additional resources to determine how the professionals at Sara J Consulting can best serve your crowdfunding needs.

Freelancer's globe-spanning pool of over 50 million experts includes professionals in more than 1,800 specialties. The site touts a quick response time of 60 seconds on 68% of posted projects. Businesses can browse the portfolios and profile reviews of the best freelance crowdfunding consultants before obtaining a free quote.

Track your progress with the Freelancer mobile app and time tracker, and communicate with your freelancer via live chat. For a curated hiring experience, Freelancer's team of recruiters searches for your next hire, while one of their "technical co-pilots" can manage your entire project.

5. Guru

One of the most cost-effective sites to find freelance crowdfunding consultants, Guru's searchable database of professionals covers a wide variety of finance expertise. The user-friendly filter options make it easy to find an expert whose skills match your business needs.

Guru's low transaction fees are balanced by features such as their SafePay payment system. SafePay protects employers by releasing payment to freelancers only upon final project approval. Businesses can either pay manually or autopay by debit/credit, wire transfer, PayPal, or e-check (US only).

If you're tired of searching numerous job sites or prefer not to pay expensive recruiter fees, then BetterTeam promises to save you time and money. When you submit a project proposal for remote crowdfunding experts on the site, BetterTeam posts it to over 100 job boards like Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter and Adzuna. You can manage the entire hiring process in one place via the BetterTeam dashboard, where you can also add notes to the applications and rate their work.

LinkedIn is well-known for its powerful networking functionality, and its Service Marketplace offers a comprehensive and well-organized list of skills and specialties to provide you with a variety of fundraising consulting services. Small businesses seeking consulting can search the marketplace by service category and specialty for their funding campaign.

The site generates a list of possible hires for your project, including a brief list of skills and a professional summary to make your campaign successful. Recent comments and reviews also appear, so you can get short recommendations before reaching out. Your hiring manager can contact potential hires directly inside the LinkedIn system.

The largest platform for remote and freelance work in Latin America, Workana helps businesses of all sizes to hire crowdfunding consultants for campaign assistance. Workana's dedication to flexible remote work manifests in the simple hiring process and flexible communication options.

Businesses can communicate with their hires through video or chat, and both parties can exchange files through a secure system. Workana touts the innovative thinking and expert skills of its professionals in the high-demand field of crowdfunding consultancy. Workana is a great place to hire campaign assistance for your annual fundraising campaign. 

ZipRecruiter searches over 100 job sites and social media networks on your behalf to find the best crowdfunding consultants and nonprofit consulting firms for your project. The service scans thousands of resumes to match professionals to your job description to help you with campaign management services

The "Invite to Apply" feature automatically sends a personal message to the applicants you select, encouraging them to apply. The site's dashboard acts as a hiring command center for organizing your potential hires. ZipRecruiter learns your preferences to send effective prospects to help with your campaign planning and campaign case writing. 

Businesses searching for fundraising talent for a major campaign can complete a short form describing the project on the PeoplePerHour site. The system's AI matches and then contacts the most suitable crowdfunding experts and effective prospects, who can choose to submit their proposals for your review.

Use the PeoplePerHour dashboard to choose your next hire to join your efficient team. Then, pay a one-time fee through the secure payments system to get started. You pay your consultant only after they have completed the project to your satisfaction on the basis of hours of consulting. 

BoostYourCampaign is a seasoned organization on this list, unique in its laser focus on crowdfunding consultancy. The teams at BoostYourCampaign provide comprehensive services, including strategic planning, pre-launch campaigns, campaign planning, concept analyses, next-step planning, donor data services, donor stewardship, and a variety of other services.

The multilevel offerings and consulting process include submissions to social media sites, digital campaigns, campaign design, campaign direction, campaign cycle, public relations, and targeted press releases. The platform tracks clicks and email responses, as well as pledge rates. BoostYourCampaign helps businesses maintain their momentum and explore go-to-market options when the crowdfunding stage is over.

Kolabtree's experts specialize in scientific research and healthcare, and the site boasts many professionals from a range of industries in those fields, such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Medical devices.
  • Biotech.
  • Cosmetics.

To hire freelance crowdfunding consultants from Kolabtree, search the site using the 'Find an Expert' link. The site will return a selection of freelancers with expertise in fundraising campaign planning, crowdfunding, and nonprofit consulting in particular. The site helps in prospect research screening using a smart prospect research strategy. 

Kolabtree's terms and conditions require consultants to agree to a confidentiality clause, and you can add an NDA before you disclose your project details to a potential freelancer.

At IdeaPros, entrepreneurs work with qualified business planners and fundraisers to turn concepts into marketable business realities. Apply to partner with IdeaPros and gain access to top crowdfunding specialists and a plethora of other marketing and financial services. IdeaPros lets entrepreneurs lead the charge while providing impressive strategies and practical support.

14. Fiverr

The popular site Fiverr offers a proven track record and range of price points for hiring a crowdfunding consultant. Startups and small businesses can negotiate project-based pricing for a freelancer, and your protected payment is released only upon final project approval.

Use Fiverr's easy search function to build your crowdfunding team with expertise on several crowdfunding platforms and social media sites. You can filter for specific platforms, such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter, or by your financial services and consulting budget.

15. Upwork

Hiring a freelance crowdfunding consultant from Upwork involves a straightforward process, starting with a free job posting. Within 24 hours, you receive applications from Upwork's qualified freelancers and can begin the selection process to design successful campaigns. 

Upwork's passion for worldwide economic opportunity drives its collaboration practices. Since the company focuses on partnerships and communication, you can collaborate effortlessly with your new crowdfunding team member on the Upwork site for better strategic planning. Businesses can negotiate rates with freelancers and only pay for approved work pertaining to crowdfunding services. 

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Guide To Hiring a Great Freelance Crowdfunding Consultant

When it's time for your startup or small business to hire freelance crowdfunding consultants for a specific project, strategic planning, campaign design, campaign cycle, or your initial business strategy, you need to find experienced and effective professionals and invest in learning about prospect identification strategies.

You have a concept that you know will be a successful addition to your industry, but you need tangible capital to get started. For the financial momentum your new business needs, it's time to turn to the subject matter experts with event experience and interactive experiences: freelance crowdfunding experts. Any plain marketing agency won't do. 

What Is the Role of a Crowdfunding Consultant?

At a basic level, crowdfunding consultants and crowdfunding agencies guide your business through the pitfalls and hurdles of crowdfunding campaigns. Nearly 65% of crowdfunding campaigns fail to meet their goals, in many cases due to a lack of internal practices regarding fundraising know-how on the entrepreneur's part.

The best crowdfunding agencies fully engage in your company's mission from the beginning, helping to compose essential guides, refine your company narrative, and analyze market research. Effective consultants provide systems for fundraising solutions by undertaking:

  • Analyzing the market.
  • Identifying macro- and micro-industry benchmarks.
  • Completing presentations for investors.
  • Reviewing your financial and business models.
  • Building or reviewing your revenue projections.
  • Developing the operations budget and managing the use of funds.
  • Designing and copywriting for crowdfunding and landing pages.
  • Creating social media releases and email marketing.

After the campaign's conclusion, some consultants continue the business relationship, supporting your company's tech solutions and move to the marketplace. In those cases, they may provide follow-ups on business plans and additional marketing strategies.

How To Hire Crowdfunding Consultants

Businesses can hire crowdfunding consultants full time, part time, or hourly. Freelancers charge by the hour or by the project, depending on their preferences or the hiring site's. This last option is the most flexible, as freelance experts can work remotely on their schedule and at your mutual convenience.

Skills To Look for When Hiring Crowdfunding Consultants

Your crowdfunding consultant should possess top-notch finance and marketing skills and experience, such as:

  • Significant crowdfunding success rates.
  • Deep understanding of the crowdfunding environment.
  • Targeted media and social media marketing.
  • Access to legitimate media contacts.
  • Portfolio of creative marketing approaches.
  • Excellent content writing ability.

Crowdfunding Consultants Salary Guide

Freelancers usually determine their fee structures, although some sites restrict pay options to hourly or by the project. Along the same lines, they may charge a flat fee at the start of a campaign or a percentage of the final total. All of the sites listed here retain your payment until you submit final approval for the work.

Most commonly, freelance sites require either a deposit or a subscription fee. For example, Toptal applies your initial deposit of $500 back to your first invoice, and  Toptal’s freelancers charge an average rate between $80 and $150 per hour. Less experienced crowdfunding consultants on other sites charge similar rates.

Subscription rates to freelance job posting sites vary, and several, like ZipRecruiter, require interested parties to request a quote for services based on business size or project complexity. Others, such as BetterTeam, promote subscription plans from $39 to $209 per month, which doesn't include the consultant's fees.

Where To Hire Crowdfunding Consultants for Your Project

The freelance and agency sites on this list demonstrate the wide availability of experienced capital campaign consultants for your crowdfunding plans. With such an extensive list of options, you can use the following guidance to find the perfect fit for your company.

Why You Should Hire a Crowdfunding Consultant

Hiring a crowdfunding expert accelerates the growth of your brand in the digital space by analyzing market research, developing a comprehensive and visual brand style guide, and developing a portfolio of target audience insights and data. Whether your consultant manages the project or builds a framework for you to execute, having a qualified fundraiser on your team ensures ultimate success and long-term marketability. Fundraising specialists undertake varied fundraising activities that convert prospective supporters into major supporters. 

How To Find a Great Freelance Crowdfunding Consultant for Hiring

The best freelance consultants are valuable resources and have a substantial motivation to guide your campaign to success. At minimum, they should meet these three qualifications:

  • A firm commitment to your mission statement.
  • A superior success rate in prior crowdfunding.
  • An innovative and diverse portfolio of marketing approaches.

Things To Consider Before Hiring

Before deciding on a crowdfunding consultant, ask these questions:

  • Do you need a freelancer or a full-service agency?
  • Does the consultant have connections to a reliable marketing team?
  • What is the consultant's level of experience in crowdfunding?
  • What is their fee structure, and does it fit your financial goals?
  • What is the consultant's success rate in your niche?
  • How can you monitor their progress on your campaign?
  • How much does the consultant usually spend on advertising, conversion, and ROI?
  • What variety of activities do you expect them to do, and what training techniques or staff training can you offer them?


Use the amazing technological resources shared in this guide to identify the best freelance crowdfunding consultants and find the right professional to move your business from a compelling concept to an exciting reality.


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