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Top 15 Sites To Find and Hire the Best Startup Funding Consultants

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

Do you want to hire top-tier freelance startup funding consultants to woo potential investors? As its name suggests, Toptal accepts only top talent who are in the top 3% of their fields. Business owners can immediately browse profiles of financial consultants, investment bankers, and corporate finance advisors and read about each expert's knowledge and skills without a lengthy sign-up process. In fact, this is one of the few platforms that doesn't charge a fee until you successfully hire a consultant. Toptal estimates you can start work with a qualified person in its network in as little as 48 hours. User-friendly tags make it easy to find consultants with specific expertise that match your project description and needs.

Business owners and hiring managers can hire funding consultants for their consulting services on this platform based on unbiased user reviews and more than 20 analytical ranking methods. Wimgo is a seasoned organization that uses unique graphs to show each candidate's subject matter focus areas, so you can target the right mix of knowledge and skills. Consider using this site if you like the idea of using data to find the right startup funding consultant with extensive experience. 

Specialized startup fundraising experience abounds on Fintalent, an invite-only community that pulls together the best and brightest in the fundraising sector. On this site, you can hire startup funding consultants who help companies raise "seed money" and organize campaigns for funding by issuing the first official shares of equity for your business. Fintalent quickly connects you with consultants from all over the world who offer campaign management services and serve as capital campaign consultants. In fact, the platform's focus on staff recruitment for campaigns ensures that most customers find the right person for this role within 48 hours.

You'll find a unique model to hire startup funding consultants with event experience on GrowthMentor. With a monthly subscription, this platform facilitates an unlimited number of video calls with the expert of your choice. You can get feedback and solve problems alongside seasoned fundraising experts who have been in your position as founders themselves. GrowthMentor screens potential mentors with a culture fit interview, an assessment, and a call with GrowthMentor’s founder, so you’re more likely to find elite consultants on the site to help with your digital fundraising strategy. 

Companies that want to hire funding consultants for a major campaign to ensure an effective strategy around fundraising will find thousands of candidates on Indeed. In fact, tens of millions of professionals use this platform to search for jobs on a monthly basis. Indeed offers a generous array of services, including prospect-identification strategies, premium video interviews, and online chat so you can connect easily and conveniently with your candidates of choice. We also love the intuitive dashboard, where you can keep consultant information organized.

This platform specializes in startup hiring, including interim, contract, and freelance funding consultant roles. On Movemeon, you'll enjoy personalized service and fast connections, including a shortlist of candidates within 24 to 48 hours for temporary roles. It's also one of the more affordable sites to hire freelance startup funding consultants. You can expect to save about 50% over the average cost of traditional searches when you use Movemeon.

This platform has an impressive pedigree as the consulting branch of You'll find startup experts in several specific fundraising categories, including venture capital, crowdfunding, Kickstarter, nonprofit, finance, and bootstrapping. With Clarity's innovative model, consultants charge per minute for live video calls so you can get answers to your most pressing questions without blowing your consulting budget. Experts who work through the site have an average of 4.8 out of 5-star customer ratings with tens of thousands of reviews.

Whether you're looking for someone with experience building financial or business models, or someone who can help with financial statements or administrative tasks, this platform offers targeted consulting support for startup fundraising. On Prepare 4 VC, you can choose from either individualized advising services or the Accelerator Program, which offers cohort-based group sessions with expert advisors from major consulting firms.

Prepare 4 VC also offers access to an expansive network of candidates from nonprofit consulting firms and resources such as global conferences, online tools, and consulting services. The consultants you'll connect with through Prepare 4 VC have decades of experience in venture capital and entrepreneurship.

Once you’ve determined it’s time to hire a startup funding consultant to impress your angel investors, using LinkedIn to identify a variety of candidates makes sense. LinkedIn gives you a sense of a person's expertise, and you can follow interesting candidates and learn more about their views before you connect. The platform also features LinkedIn Recruiter, an intuitive dashboard where you can manage your job search and arrange interviews with the freelance startup funding candidates on your list.

On Ideamotive, you can get matched with startup funding advisors based on the details you enter about your company culture, target market, consulting plan, and industry. This marketplace consists of only the most qualified experts, and you'll receive a list of candidates within 24 hours of submitting your information. Dedicated talent specialists from Ideamotive assist companies throughout the process of hiring freelance startup funding consultants, so it's a great platform if you're looking for candidates to help you with campaign planning, campaign design, forecasting the campaign cycle, and ensuring campaign direction stays on track.

11. Talmix

You'll find a versatile mix of business professionals on Talmix, including freelance startup funding consultants looking for full-time, part-time, and project-based contract work. After you enter the required information about your project, you'll receive consultant matches within 24 hours. The site has more than 50,000 members across hundreds of industries and more than 100 nations around the world, so you'll have a vast variety of experts to consider.

12. Upwork

This freelance platform ranks as one of the best sites to hire startup funding advisors for campaign planning and campaign design, as well as consultants for other needs, such as your annual fundraising campaign, campaign assistance, campaign case writing, and digital strategy for your campaign. 

Upwork boasts a high rate of client satisfaction. Professionals in this category on Upwork have a collective customer rating of 4.75 out of 5 stars, a testament to the quality of their work. It's free to post your job on the site, and you can expect to start receiving messages from qualified experts within one business day.  Added perks include Upwork's integrated video and chat tools you can use to collaborate. 

13. Guru

You'll find thousands of startup consultants on Guru to join your efficient team, including professionals who specialize in outreach efforts, nonprofit communications, for-profit businesses, and finding investors for brand-new business ideas. Browse profiles and click the Get a Quote button so you can quickly and easily find an expert with the experience you need in startup funding. You can also post a job and review applications from interested candidates. The site offers 24/7 customer support so you'll always be able to get your questions answered.

You'll find a wide range of proposals from startup financial advisors on PeoplePerHour, with hundreds of candidates on the site specializing in this niche area. Companies can also find startup funding consultants by posting a project; the platform uses AI to match you with the ideal individuals for the role. In addition, PeoplePerHour has an integrated management feature called Project Stream so you can easily organize your communications with your consultant. You can even pay invoices for the person you hire without leaving the platform.

This site is an elite platform for the best experts across functions and industries, including a vast selection of freelance startup funding consultants. Expert360 sends you candidate recommendations within hours of posting your project, which can be anywhere from a one-month to one-year engagement. When you use the site, you'll see why Expert360 counts major brands like PwC and Uber among its clients.

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Guide To Hiring Great Startup Funding Consultants

When you need capital to help your small company expand, you may want the expert advice of a startup funding consultant. These individuals help businesses navigate the complicated landscape of fundraising for startups, from making the right connections to building an impressive pitch and closing the deal. If you're ready to seek substantial capital to scale your startup, use this guide to learn about the best sources to hire funding consultants.

What Are Startup Funding Consultants?

Startup funding consultants come from various career paths and industries, but they share the ability to connect serious investors with businesses that can deliver impressive returns and plan future strategies. Often, these consultants spent decades founding their own startups or working with investors at venture capital firms, so they are well-versed with the consulting process.

Regardless of background, funding consultants offer spot consulting services and ideally bring a vast investor network and a wealth of knowledge that can facilitate growth for your startup. Businesses may hire startup funding advisors to provide support for idea validation, pitch deck development, business plan creation, competitive and market analyses, and deal negotiation.

How To Hire Startup Funding Consultants

Most startup funding consultants work on a freelance hourly basis and prefer longer-term consulting relationships. Usually startups hire them for a temporary engagement, such as the extent of the initial fundraising process. Consider whether you’d like to work with a consultancy firm that offers project management or a single individual, as well as whether you’d prefer to work remotely or meet in person. 

Skills To Look for When Hiring a Startup Funding Consultant

These are some of the key attributes you'll find among the best startup funding consultants:

  • A deep, robust investor network: Companies that hire the top startup funding consultants are paying for access to an audience with these contacts. You want someone who knows the most important stakeholders in your industry.

  • Extensive relevant experience: The person you select has ideally gone through the startup fundraising process more than a handful of times as a founder or investor. They may have retired from a venture capital firm or from a CFO position at a prestigious company in your sector.

  • A track record of fundraising success: Avoid freelance startup funding consultants who cannot provide several references from satisfied clients. Opt for candidates with proven analysis strategies and strategic planning. 

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Startup Funding Consultants?

Pricing structures for startup funding consultants might include hourly, daily, or monthly rates. For example, the Expert360 platform features members who charge between $1,000 and $2,500 per day for this type of work. If you decide to pay a salary for this role, the average is about $91,000 annually, according to Glassdoor.

An hourly pay structure is also common for freelance and remote startup funding consultants, although the exact rate can vary dramatically by factors such as industry and geographic location. For example, reports a median wage of $30 per hour for startup funding consultants in the US, while Indeed says these professionals earn an average hourly rate of more than $90.

Another option is a platform like Clarity, where you can hire consultants for pay-per-minute video calls. Rates advertised on the site for fundraising experts range from $1 per minute up to $85 for 60 seconds of advice.

Where To Hire Startup Funding Consultants Easily

As you can see, startups make a significant financial investment when they hire startup funding consultants. Careful preparation can ensure you find a candidate with the necessary expertise.

Why Hire Startup Funding Consultants

Simply put, companies hire funding consultants to raise growth capital. The critical functions of this role tend to fall into one of three broad categories:

  • Developing materials and preparing a pitch designed to appeal to investors in your industry, based on targeted knowledge of your niche

  • Making connections and building relationships with decision-makers who invest in companies

  • Structuring a deal and providing support during the negotiation process

When businesses hire startup funding consultants to ensure strategy in alignment to goals, leaders can shift focus from fundraising and finances to core operations. This is a notable advantage for first-time founders who haven't been through the fundraising process before.

How To Find a Great Startup Funding Consultant

There's no guarantee of success for someone in this role, so before your company moves forward, you need to be sure you've conducted your due diligence. For carefully vetted candidates who check all the boxes in terms of experience and knowledge, Toptal earned a spot as one of the best sites to find startup funding consultants.

GrowthMentor is on the list for remote-first companies that prefer to connect and collaborate over video calls. We recommend Fintalent if you want to hire startup funding consultants from outside the United States who also understand tech or nonprofit strategies.

Things To Consider Before Hiring a Startup Funding Consultant

Companies that hire startup funding consultants to reach a network of investors have to be prepared to respond immediately if a promising opportunity with an investor arises. To that end, consider these questions before you begin interviewing freelance startup funding consultants:

  • Do you have a comprehensive business plan that includes financial projections, detailed marketing strategies, and other necessary documentation?

  • Do you have a solid corporate structure in place (a necessity to inspire investor confidence)?

  • Can you articulate how the company will use the funds, including a project plan and timeline?

  • Do you have the necessary documents for investor due diligence, the next phase of fundraising negotiations?

Even the best startup funding consultants with the best technological resources can't raise money when they can't convince investors that the company is ready to create a real return.


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