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Top 15 Sites To Find and Hire the Best Growth Strategy Consultants

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

Toptal connects companies and business owners with freelance designers, developers, finance experts, product managers, and growth strategy consultants. Toptal stands out in the freelance marketplace because it only works with the top 3% of candidates who apply. Each candidate is extensively vetted and goes through a rigorous screening process. Toptal works with world-class growth strategists with skills that can help overcome business challenges and become more profitable.

While ServiceScape specializes in document translation and academic writing services, it also features freelancers in other disciplines. The site’s custom pricing structure makes it easy for companies to post jobs and pay for completed work. Companies can even browse the profiles of freelancers and send messages to individuals who have relevant skills.

Freelancer is a talent marketplace that connects companies with expert growth strategists from around the globe. Freelancer is unique because it features talent with over 1,800 skill sets, ensuring you get the best person for your project. Companies can pay freelancers a fixed price or pay by the hour to reduce costs. Freelancer is a great place to find marketing consultants and business consultants to give companies the right advice on business strategies. 

FreelancerMap is one of the most affordable talent marketplaces for finding and hiring growth strategists. Despite its affordability, FreelancerMap carefully vets its talent pool to connect you with experienced professionals and offers flexible payment options. More than 35,000 clients have used FreelancerMap to find talent for projects. Companies can sort through talent by location, price, or skill. Growth strategists from FreelancerMap can help business owners draft an effective marketing plan to ensure efficient business operations. 

PeoplePerHour has been used by over one million businesses to hire talent in many disciplines, including design, marketing, and sales. Companies can search through the profiles of thousands of vetted freelancers and narrow the results to those who have strategy and research skills. 

PeoplePerHour is unique because it offers around-the-clock support, fraud protection, and a money-back guarantee. PeoplePerHour is a smart choice when looking for business consultants who can surpass the company goals and overcome challenges with ease and efficiency. 

AuthenticJobs is a freelance marketplace that allows companies to post openings for remote projects. The marketplace specializes in connecting designers, developers, and strategy experts with companies that need help but do not want to hire full-time employees. Once you register for an account, freelancers can view your job listings and apply for roles.

7. Guru

Guru is an excellent option for smaller companies just starting because of its free posting option. You won’t have to pay a fee to post your job and don’t have to pay anything until the job is complete. Hundreds of freelancers are available across various industries, including sales and marketing. Once a freelancer has accepted your job, you can track progress in the WorkRoom feature. Business owners can find the perfect growth strategist to help them overcome challenges and ensure top-notch performance, quarter over quarter. 

Flexjobs is a job marketplace that specializes in flexible and remote job opportunities. There are job seekers in many niches, including strategy, education, training, and writing. The unique thing about Flexjobs is that candidates pay to gain access to the site, guaranteeing that you only receive applications from serious job seekers.

Hired is a marketplace connecting companies with top talent seeking new opportunities. All candidates are vetted for skills, salary history, and experience before they can create a profile on the site. Companies can gain instant access to a curated pool of experienced growth strategy advisors by starting an account with Hired.

10. Twago

Twago is a freelance marketplace where employers can find growth strategy consultants. Unlike many other sites, you do not have to pay to view freelance profiles. You can directly connect with freelancers and message them about available projects. You can also directly communicate with a freelancer once you’ve hired them so you can give them specifics about project specifications.

We Work Remotely stands out from other job marketplaces because you can connect and hire full-time freelancers. While other sites specialize in short-term projects and contracts, We Work Remotely enables you to connect with employees who are looking for full-time employment. You can sort through profiles of freelancers with various skill sets, including growth strategy, writing, and sales.

12. Upwork

Upwork is one of the most respected freelance marketplaces in the industry, offering an extensive catalog of human resource and sales professionals, including growth strategists. You can search through the profiles of thousands of vetted, experienced professionals when you hire through the site. Upwork handles all of the logistics, such as invoicing, contracting, and billing, making it easy for you to focus on more important matters, such as business management and performance. 

If you are looking to hire growth strategy consultants or marketing consultants, Dribbble is an affordable and reliable option. The site specializes in creative fields like website design and custom illustration, but there are plenty of freelancers on the site who also offer other services in sales and marketing. Clients can propose jobs, and Dribbble will post these projects on its job board for freelancers to view. The site is an excellent place to find talent from all over the globe.

24 Seven is an established freelance marketplace that connects employers with job seekers looking for all types of employment opportunities. Whether you are out to find full-time growth strategy consultants or simply freelancers, 24 Seven makes the process simple. Its talent pool consists of thousands of job seekers in the technology, marketing, and creative sectors. All talent is pre-vetted, ensuring that all job applicants meet certain criteria before they apply.

15. Fiverr

Another well-known freelance platform, Fiverr has freelancers offering niche services in a variety of industries for a flat rate. Hundreds of sales professionals are active on the site, including those with experience in growth strategy, marketing, and business plan development. 

Fiverr protects your financial information and does not release payment until you approve the work. Many of Fiverr's consultants have worked with leaders and management teams and have experience across a host of different business models. 

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Guide To Hiring Freelance Growth Strategy Consultants

The growth strategy field has changed in recent years, and many talent platforms can connect owners with skilled freelancers seeking work. Hiring a freelance specialist can help you increase your profits by giving you an outside perspective on the company’s business plan. The right consultant can help you overcome market challenges and build a lean and profitable business operations setup that improves your company's performance. Here is everything you need to know if you are looking to hire growth strategy experts.

What Are Growth Strategy Consultants and What Do They Do

A growth strategy consultant can create a plan to help your business achieve sustainable growth. A good consultant will examine various aspects of your business and its challenges to come up with strategies to propel growth. Whether you need assistance driving sales or creating a new marketing campaign, the right growth consultant will have the expertise to guide you to a new level of profitability.

What Business Consulting Services Do They Provide

Experienced growth strategy experts can examine the infrastructure of your business and come up with targeted opportunities for growth. They specialize in performing the following consulting services:

  • Sales analysis

  • Sales planning

  • Marketing

  • Information technology

  • Performance management

  • Web presence

Many consultants specialize in one area of business growth, so ensure the candidate has experience in your sector before hiring them.

Benefits of Hiring a Growth Strategy Consultant

Growing a business is not easy, and there are many benefits to hiring freelance growth strategy specialists to help your management team identify development opportunities. Here are a few of the benefits of hiring a consultant:

  • Unbiased perspective

  • Time savings

  • Access to resources and tools

  • Customized growth approach

Hiring a consultant can also help your business get out of a rut by benefiting from a new perspective.

Why Hire Growth Strategy Consultants 

Instead of hiring someone on a full-time basis, you can hire a freelancer to complete specific projects or tasks related to business management or business operations. Other benefits of hiring a freelance growth strategy consultant include:

  • Affordability: Freelancers are considerably more cost-effective than full-time employees. You don’t have to provide freelancers with benefits, salaries, or paid time off. The money you save on staffing can be reinvested into your business.

  • Flexibility: Hiring freelancers gives companies the flexibility to work with a variety of individuals with diverse skill sets. For instance, one individual could work on your business development plans, while someone else could improve your marketing campaigns.

  • High-quality work: You can ensure you receive high-quality work from applicants by looking at their portfolios, requesting recommendations from previous clients, and having them complete a test project. Freelancers need to please clients to make money, ensuring they are committed to delivering high-quality work.

Not only can an experienced consultant help you increase sales, but you can leverage their experience to build a company infrastructure to facilitate future growth.

How Do I Hire Growth Strategy Consultants

When you want to hire growth strategy consultants, you have some options to consider. You can hire an individual part-time, full-time, or freelance. Hiring a freelance consultant is ideal for most businesses because there is no long-term commitment, and you don’t have to spend money on hiring full-time employees. Freelancers offer high-quality work that can help improve your business performance, without the costs that come with hiring someone permanently.

What Skills Should I Look for When Hiring Growth Strategy Consultants

Growth strategy specialists perform a wide variety of duties on behalf of clients. It is important to hire a consultant with a varied skill set so you can get the most value for your money. You should look for a job seeker with the following skills:

  • Observation

  • Problem-solving

  • Communication

  • Organization

  • Time management

  • Objectivity

While experience is often more important than education, job seekers with business, finance, or communication degrees are more likely to have the skills needed to grow your company and build it for efficient operations and performance.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Growth Strategy Consultants

How much it costs to hire a consultant will depend on several factors, including how long you want someone to work and the types of projects you need completed. The average growth strategy consultant makes over $96,000 per year. While a part-time freelancer will not cost you nearly as much, you should carefully consider your budget before hiring someone.

Where To Find Growth Strategy Consultants For Hire

When choosing the best freelance growth strategy consultants for your business, make sure you consider the following factors:

  • Portfolio: The best way to evaluate a consultant’s skills is to request a portfolio of past work. See what types of projects they’ve completed and what kinds of clients they’ve worked with. It is a best practice to look for a freelancer who has previously worked with clients in your industry so you know they have experience in building action plans that will work. While the applicant may have a solid portfolio of work in the medical industry, that experience may not serve you if you operate in the hospitality sector.

  • Communication skills: Growth strategy advisors must have top-notch communication skills. The best business leaders and consultants can succinctly articulate ideas, request information, and discuss problems. A consultant also needs to be an excellent listener to properly absorb and understand the needs of your business.

  • Problem-solving abilities: Growth strategy consultants need to be able to identify business challenges and come up with creative solutions. It requires logic and imagination to break down a problem and come up with an inventive solution. In fact, the best freelancers will not only solve current problems but come up with solutions to prevent future problems and business challenges.

  • Unique Approach: Before you hire a consultant, you should ensure your chosen professional takes an individualized approach with each client. Some freelancers work with many clients and develop similar plans for many companies. Make sure the consultant has the time and motivation to create a unique strategy for your business, rather than repurposing a plan made for a previous client.

  • Reviews: Freelancers often request reviews from clients to post on their websites. Make sure you read these reviews for information on an individual’s communication skills, work ethic, and promptness. Ask applicants for a list of referrals and contact a few of their previous clients to ask about their experience working with the freelancer.

You should also consider the freelancer’s hourly rates, turnaround times, and location. While it is not necessary to work with someone who lives in your area, you may want to choose someone in a similar time zone if you need to call them regularly.

Find the Best Freelancers for Your Project

Do you want to hire a freelance growth strategy consultant? Go through our list of top companies, starting with the #1 ranked Toptal, to find and hire experienced freelance growth strategy consultants so you can take your company to the next level.


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