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Top 15 Sites To Find and Hire the Best Fundraising Consultants

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

Toptal is one of the best platforms to source freelance talent in a variety of industries. The site was founded on the principle of accepting only high-end experts who can pass Toptal’s rigorous vetting process. Employers who want to recruit freelancers can find the top 3% of fundraising consultants by reaching out to Toptal. The company employs experts within the fundraising field to match you with highly qualified candidates to help you with strategic planning and fundraising—the whole process can happen as quickly as 48 hours. And Toptal offers a no-risk trial period, so you only need to pay if you’re completely satisfied with the fundraising consultant you hire. 

Companies that want only the most elite talent in fundraising can use Fintalent to recruit new fundraising consultants. The company thoroughly vets applicants and encourages only those with at least three years of experience to apply. This enables businesses to feel more confident that the freelance experts they see on the site are more qualified, on average, than those available through other marketplace sites in specific skills, such as conducting fundraising assessments and dealing with fundraising challenges. This site focuses on fundraising specialists and other professionals in the private business world who are good at campaign planning and event planning, but nonprofits may also find someone with comparable experience.

PeoplePerHour is another freelance marketplace where hiring managers can find professionals with experience in building and executing fundraising plans. This site is useful for employers needing freelancers on a regular basis or for a one-time special project. Employers can work to hire professional fundraising consultants on this site by searching for someone with specific qualifications, such as nonprofit consulting services. PeoplePerHour uses an algorithm to rate its freelancers, called a CERT score. This measures the freelancer’s trust, content, usage, and engagement on the site.

If you want a more specialized freelance marketplace site, Kolabtree may be the right place. This site features professionals in academia with in-demand skills, such as research scientists and data analysts. Many of the freelance pros on the platform have higher-level graduate degrees, such as PhDs. Kolabtree has a database of fundraising specialists who have experience in academia. Non Profit organizations that want someone with fundraising experience to join their core team may find success with Kolabtree’s model.

A quality one-stop shop for companies to hire fundraising consultants on a contract basis is Freelancer. The site model means hiring managers have to do most of the vetting and searching themselves to find talented workers for their fundraising activities and eventual fundraising success. It boasts a long list of freelance fundraising consultants at all price points to help with the fundraising process. Employers can also manage human resources tasks through the site, such as payroll, time tracking, and project management tools.

Work for Impact is a specialized freelancer marketplace site that focuses on individuals interested in important causes. Their freelance fundraisers offer consultant services and have experience working in the nonprofit industry and helping raise money for organizations aimed at making the world a better place. Businesses can search for fundraising workers in the site’s database and hire them for projects. The site also offers business and enterprise packages if an organization needs additional features, such as help with hiring a full team of freelancers or executive recruitment for a specific project.

LinkedIn is also a great resource for any hiring manager looking to recruit new talent. Freelancers can upload their resumes and portfolios to the site for hiring managers to check out and review. While LinkedIn requires more work on the employer’s end to hire people for fundraising, it does have a larger number of users than other hiring sites. You’ll be able to find remote and startup fundraising consultants for your company’s big projects easily within the huge user base.

With 1 million freelance users online, Workana has made a name for itself as a top resource for companies needing temporary talent. Companies with actionable goals start the process by posting an ad for a project that needs freelance fundraisers, and then interested workers can reply to the post with a proposal. Freelance fundraising consultants can set their own professional fundraising services fee based on industry standards, or they can negotiate with a hiring manager for their pay.

9. Guru

Guru has decades of experience in bringing together talented freelancers, including fundraising consultants, with companies from around the world. Unlike other freelance platforms, Guru offers an option to hire someone and pay a per-project fee instead of an hourly rate or fixed retainer fee. This may work better for nonprofits with limited fundraising capacity and private businesses that need professional fundraisers. Hiring managers can post jobs or search for freelancers based on their experience, skills, and past client reviews.

10. Upwork

Upwork is one of the largest freelancer marketplaces for employers and talent to connect with each other. This site doesn’t vet or screen potential freelancers. Instead, employers post jobs for freelance work, and users can bid for the assignment. Employers can find a variety of consultants with experience in for-profit or nonprofit sectors at various hourly rates and levels of experience. It’s up to the hiring managers to interview and verify each candidate’s credentials and skills from a wide range of potential specialists.

11. Fiverr

Fiverr’s claim to fame in the freelance marketplace world is its low-priced workers. While it’s possible to find cheap rates for people who claim to have fundraising experience on Fiverr’s main site, a hiring manager has to handle all of the screening for fundraising professionals at Fiverr’s basic level. Businesses and nonprofits may have more success with the professional version of the site, Fiverr Pro, which verifies background information and experience. After sifting through many ads for workers, it’s possible to find what you need from a short list of experts.

Workhoppers offers employers an effective solution for recruiting and hiring freelance professionals. Their subscription-based plans give hiring managers a fresh perspective on hiring and flexibility regarding what level of recruiting assistance they want from the site. Companies can opt to do the vetting themselves or use Workhopper’s tools that review resumes and qualifications for them. Employers can find an extensive list of talent with fundraising expertise to help them with a specific project or for part-time or contracted jobs.

WorkMonger is a website that caters to freelance workers in the education industry. This site claims to have more than 40,000 freelancers, including nonprofit professionals, with experience in the administrative side of education. It screens fundraising experts with a careful assessment to give hiring managers better access to qualified people. It also uses a data-driven approach to match candidates to an employer’s needs.

ZipRecruiter is another catch-all hiring website that touts huge numbers of users with experience in most industries. Hiring teams can find fundraising consultants at different levels of experience. The variety of services includes different tiers of business subscription options to allow companies to recruit more effectively. 

SimplyHired is a recruiting tool that acts as an aggregate job posting site for employers. Hiring managers can create a job listing, and SimplyHired will post it to more than 100 job boards. This approach could give companies plenty of talented applicants for their upcoming projects. Employers may be able to find top fundraising consultants in a variety of backgrounds through SimplyHired’s unique approach.

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Guide To Hiring a Great Freelance Fundraising Consultant

Fundraising consultants can work with nonprofit organizations to help them meet their financial goals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the next 10 years, demand for businesses looking to hire fundraising consultants is predicted to rise by 16%. When hiring fundraising consultants, you need to use high-quality tools to recruit the most productive people efficiently. The list of sites this article collects are valuable resources hiring managers can use to find expert freelance fundraising consultants for their organizations.

What Is a Fundraising Consultant?

A fundraising consultant is a professional who strives to raise money for a nonprofit organization or private business. Fundraising consultants reach out to donors or investors and foster relationships to solicit financial contributions. They may also be part of the planning process for fundraising campaigns or events that promote a cause or raise funds.

The Demand for Fundraising Consultants

The demand for the best fundraising specialists continues to increase as more organizations need funding for projects, operations, and initiatives. Additionally, numbers for charitable donations have climbed each year, with 2019 being a record year for giving, offering fundraisers more opportunities.

Companies are now looking for people with proven track records and demonstrated success at raising significant funds for ventures or nonprofits. When hiring managers want to find a qualified freelancer, they should ask to see the professional’s credentials or reference list to make sure there is a proven record of success.

How To Hire Freelance Fundraising Consultants

Today’s flexible workplace options also give employers more choices when recruiting new fundraising consultants. Some companies may choose to have a full-time fundraising team, but smaller organizations can save their resources by hiring freelance fundraising consultants. Additionally, the popularity of remote work makes it easier to hire a remote freelancer. This helps save on human resources expenses and frees up more capital.

Essential Skills To Consider When Hiring Freelance Fundraising Consultants

The top fundraising specialists are college-educated. Common majors for fundraising professionals include communications, marketing, business, or social sciences. They usually get started by doing internships or taking volunteer positions to gain experience and network. In the workplace, they may be writing grants, managing donor databases, planning fundraising events, leading a team of volunteers, or operating social media accounts for their organization. 

  • Communication - People in this field must have strong written and oral communication skills to persuade individuals and companies to invest in or donate to an organization.

  • Relationships - Securing donations or investments from private individuals or companies requires excellent interpersonal and relationship-building skills.

  • Organization - Fundraising professionals often work with large computerized donor databases and financial information, so they must be able to organize these details.

Fundraising Consultant Salary Trends

According to, the average hourly rate for a fundraising consultant is between $25 and $35. Full-time salaries range from $52,000 to $72,000 per year. Some regions and industries may pay more for the best fundraising experts.

Where To Hire an Experienced Fundraising Consultant for Your Organization

Busy organizations and nonprofits may already have their personnel and resources stretched too thin. When it’s time to hire fundraising consultants, these organizations have to choose the easiest and most effective strategies to find talented people who can help them reach their fundraising goals. Online freelance marketplace websites and digital recruiters in specific industries are the best sites to hire fundraising consultants because they offer pre-vetted, highly skilled consultants matched to your organization’s needs. It may also be helpful to try different avenues for talent recruitment so companies can get a steady flow of potential candidates ready to hire.

How Fundraising Consultants Can Help Your Business

Companies that rely on fundraising efforts may depend on talented fundraising professionals to get them enough operating capital. Without having a successful team of fundraising experts on your side, you risk not being able to pay for business necessities and fund payroll. There are multiple benefits of hiring a more qualified freelance fundraising expert for your organization:

  • Get fresh ideas - A new fundraising team member may be able to look at your funding problems with a different lens and offer more innovative approaches that you haven’t tried before.

  • Improve donor participation - Someone with a fresh approach or external perspective may also help improve donor engagement and participation, which could boost fundraising efforts.

  • Discover more opportunities - The best fundraising consultants can help your organization find more opportunities for raising capital from diverse sources.

  • Bring in more money - The ultimate benefit your firm could get is more money to meet or exceed your yearly fundraising goals.

Tips To Hire Fundraising Consultants for Your Company’s Needs

When you’re aiming to get better results from your fundraising campaigns, you need a talented team of creative fundraising experts with a firm understanding of the project description and its core idea. The sites above can help you in your search for the top fundraising consultants. The best sites offer large numbers of users and some sort of vetting system to screen talent. Here are some other tips to hire fundraising consultants that get you results:

  • Ask for metrics - Before committing to hiring someone in fundraising, ask for a list of their fundraising campaigns and results.

  • Look for personable people - Fundraising professionals need to be comfortable working around and communicating with large numbers of people. Make sure the person you hire has the right combination of tact and personality that will convince donors to invest in your organization.

  • Read reviews - When using sites to hire fundraising consultants, read over previous client reviews carefully. Look for examples of success with projects similar to your own.

A capable fundraising consultant can boost your organization’s value and contribute the expertise necessary to help your organization meet its financial goals.


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