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Top 15 Sites To Find and Hire the Best Freelance Pitch Deck Consultants

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

If you want to hire pitch deck consultants who are at the top of their field in record time, Toptal is the premier choice. This company rigorously vets all candidates and only accepts the top 3% who apply. Accessing such world-class talent through expert matching saves your organization precious time and provides a worry-free experience for finding the top pitch deck consultants.

SlideBean provides tools to create slide decks and can also connect you with a pitch deck consultant who can develop a new presentation or improve your existing one. While SlideBean’s proprietary tools are attractive and easy to use, some online reviews point out some limitations, such as frustration with professional-level pricing and limited options for presenters.

Best Pitch Deck focuses on providing pitch deck templates, but they also have a service that lets you hire pitch deck experts who have extensive experience with several industries and in a competitive landscape. Their service can be cost-effective if you fit one of their niches.

SketchDeck offers many design services through membership plans, including help from a pitch deck expert. Turnaround time may be a little longer, since the company sticks to using its own employees to provide the pitch deck design services.

SlideGenius focuses on all types of presentations for different circumstances. The company puts a focus on quick turnaround and uses chatbots and forms to do much of its client communication with pitch deck professionals.

Accenture helps organizations with strategy and revenue growth. Research and pitch deck consulting services are components of its packages. While the company has programs for small businesses, its target market is often larger enterprises.

Acuity Knowledge Partners has excellent resources for research and analytics on investing in financial services, and it offers solutions related to creating a variety of marketing materials, including pitch decks. This is another pitch deck agency that caters more to a corporate clientele.

Williams Lea provides various creative services for businesses and vocally supports social issues. Because of the company’s large size, small and mid-sized businesses may not get as much personalized attention as when working with freelance pitch deck consultants.

Pitch Builder offers cost-effective services for entrepreneurs who want to hire pitch deck consultants. However, they mainly cater to startups in the United Kingdom.

When you want a dedicated pitch deck consultant for hire, MindTrust has a team of accomplished professionals. If you want to focus more on great design and do not need industry-specific experts, MindTrust offers cost-efficient “teams-as-a-service” subscriptions.

Fintalent.io lets you find freelance pitch deck consultants who have experience with mergers and acquisitions. The company is relatively new but offers access to over 2,000 approved professionals in 40 countries.

12. Guru

Guru is a platform that entrepreneurs can use to hire freelance pitch deck consultants of all levels. Businesses will have to vet and interview freelancers to ensure they are the right fit.

13. Twine

Twine specializes in freelancers in the creative, development, and marketing fields. Clients can post jobs and hire pitch deck experts from among the available contractors and even search for location-specific workers. The option is suitable for companies that have the time for the hiring and interviewing process or do not need the most experienced freelancers.

14. Wimgo

Wimgo uses a team of dedicated professionals to review service providers by reputation, expertise, and service quality. You might like their service if you are confident in their review process and can handle interviewing and hiring pitch deck consultants.

15. Upwork

Upwork remains a great way to hire pitch deck consultants for the least amount of money. You can vet and interview potential pitch deck consultants by connecting through its extensive platform to contractors from around the world. It can also help if you need hep with the creation of a business plan, financial projections or investor deck.

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Guide to Hiring Freelance Pitch Deck Consultants

Hiring pitch deck consultants can be time-consuming and costly. If you do not find a suitable team or individual early in the process, you could miss out on a rare funding opportunity.

You can meet the challenge by learning effective approaches to hiring pitch deck consultants. Our guide shows you the key skills and characteristics to look for.

Pitch deck consulting is part of the strategy consulting industry that businesses in all fields turn to for success. In 2021, the global market had a valuation of over $38 billion.

Analysts expect that number to exceed $111 billion by 2031, with $63 billion coming from the United States alone. That figure equates to an impressive compound annual growth rate of 11.6% over a decade.

Companies are relying more on strategy consultants, such as pitch deck experts, to stand out in a crowded market. While it has never been easier to create a business that has a global reach, top-tier consultants give new businesses a valuable edge.

When you hire pitch deck experts, they will often use popular presentation software, such as Apple Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Prezi. However, the skills to get the most out of these products require professional training and years of experience.

The presentation software market is booming, demonstrating how popular such consultants are becoming. Market researchers predict nearly $1.5 billion of growth in five years, a compound annual growth rate of 9.4%. Many more companies will be using presentations, including pitch decks.

You can hire pitch deck consultants that will serve you well and meet your company's unique needs by using this guide.

What Does a Pitch Deck Consultant Do?

You can hire pitch deck consultants to help you create a pitch deck from scratch and guide you through the entire process. You might also bring in an expert after you complete your slides to improve upon your work.

The final goal of a consultant is to help you craft the best pitch deck possible for convincing investors to agree to another meeting. The pitch deck does not persuade venture capitalists to invest at that point. Rather, the slides eliminate any reasons a financier might have for saying no and entice the investor to do more investigation.

Expert Brian Nichol explains that you cannot rely on templates, stating, “There is no such thing as a universal pitch deck template that works for every startup.” Instead, you should find a professional pitch deck consultants to customize the ideal slideshow for your situation.

Your consultant will have experience with design software and knowledge of effective communication techniques. Top pitching consultants work with a team to assist with research and design.

When you hire pitch deck experts, they can walk you through the process of creating a compelling pitch deck presentation with all the elements it needs. For example, many companies struggle with telling a motivating story that still contains the essential facts.

Your consultant helps you build a narrative that shows why an investor needs to come on board or else miss out on an excellent opportunity. You work together on crafting a presentation that is fewer than 20 slides and full of pertinent details, but at the same time avoids overwhelming the audience.

What does a pitch deck consultant do to distinguish your presentation from the crowd? Top consultants can help you move beyond static slides to create interactive decks. These responsive slides are more engaging and innovative with buttons and animations.

Most investors expect to see slides covering 10 to 12 key points. When you hire pitch deck consultants, they ensure you meet all of these expectations while writing the pitch deck.

Why Hire Dedicated Pitch Deck Consultants?

Time is of the essence when securing funding, and one misstep could cost you. Your pitch deck must be perfect, which is a major reason to hire a pitch deck consultant.

Even people who have abundant experience pitching startups to others hire pitch deck consultants. When you spend so much time building up an enterprise, you can lose sight of what it looks like to someone from the outside. Working with external pitch deck writers ensures you put your best foot forward and avoid missing any details.

You also save time and protect your business by working with pitch deck consultants for hire. With their help, you do not have to take your focus from other essential company operations.

Should You Hire a Freelance Pitch Deck Consultant?

You usually only have to pitch to investors from time to time, meaning hiring a part-time or full-time employee is an unnecessary expense. When you hire a pitch deck consultant who is a freelancer, you can access top-tier talent for a lower cost and less commitment.

The Skills To Look For in a Pitch Deck Consultant

You need to understand how to hire pitch deck services you can trust to deliver a presentation that will accomplish your goals.. Top qualities and characteristics include:

  • Industry experience: You can get more optimal results by working with a consultant who has deep understanding of your market, experience in your industry or has pitched companies similar to yours. 
  • Business and finance background: Successful consultants often got their start as thriving investors or entrepreneurs who understand the process from all sides and have mastered analysis and problem-solving techniques.
  • Excellent communication skills: An experienced pitch deck consultant must understand marketing, psychology, writing, and presentation skills to create an effective deck.
  • A list of successful clients: A qualified consultant can provide testimonials or case studies of their satisfied clients and business owners who won financing from investors, from a wide range of industries. 
  • A competent team: Experts who can handle the complete process of pitch deck writing, including research and design. They usually need a team to assist them, especially for high-value potential investors.

Be careful not to assume that lots of experience and education equate to a successful consultant. The top mistake most people make when creating a pitch deck is filling it with too many facts and too much information. Pay attention to proof that the individual has the necessary pitch deck consultant skills for concise communication.

Hire pitch deck consultants who can collaborate well with your team and ensure the team can complete the project on time.

A junior-level candidate may be sufficient for companies looking for smaller investment amounts in industries without aggressive competition. These entry-level individuals may do this work on the side while working for another agency.

Mid-level candidates often have their own team and at least a few case studies that demonstrate positive outcomes. Senior consultants operate robust teams with years of experience and have won millions of dollars of investments for clients.

Whatever your needs, start the hiring process by reviewing profiles and requesting testimonials or case studies from experts for comparison. An excellent site such as Toptal makes it easy to find highly qualified remote pitch deck consultants quickly.

The Cost To Hire Pitch Deck Consultants

A single pitch deck usually starts at $1,000 dollars. The more involved the project is, the more you can expect to spend. The top agencies and experts charge tens of thousands to secure financing worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Tips for Writing a Pitch Deck Consultant Job Description

When you are ready to hire pitch deck experts, create a straightforward job description that starts with the job title. Specify the industry experience you require and summarize the facts about your organization.

Share the timeline for project completion and break down main responsibilities in bullet points. Clarify any and all expectations you have, especially those that might fall outside of typical pitch deck creation duties.

Mention that you will request references, testimonials, or case studies. Also, ask applicants to share a sample of previous work. Then conclude with payment details.

How You Can Hire Pitch Deck Consultants Today

A consultant gives you the best odds of having a successful pitch deck and acquiring investors. Dedicate sufficient resources to find pitch deck consultants to help you succeed. A site such as Toptal can simplify the experience by allowing you to quickly compare world-class talent and save time on interviewing and vetting.

It can be a challenge to locate people with the right expertise, but this list of sites to hire pitch deck consultants will help you recruit the right candidates.


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What is the difference between a pitch deck and a business proposal?

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