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Top 15 Sites To Find and Hire the Best Freelance Market Research Analysts

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

Toptal is the best place to fast-track your search for the most skilled, experienced freelance market researchers. Toptal utilizes a stringent screening process, and only about 3% of its total applicants make the cut. This degree of vetting ensures that you are choosing from only the highest caliber of world-class professionals. No-risk trials are a testament to the confidence that Toptal has in its network of top talent.

MarketerHire features on-demand, pay-as-you-go marketing analysis, among many other marketing-related services. It vets each marketer within its professional network by verifying qualifications and administering skills tests, which may include entire projects, to evaluate performance. This provider has served many large name-brand corporate clients.

Robert Half is a well-known recruitment and temporary staffing placement firm. It also connects companies to freelance consultants with in-demand qualifications. This company is a part of the S&P 500 and has been providing employment services to businesses since 1948.

Perhaps best known as an accounting firm, Deloitte offers an array of management consulting services to assist businesses in formulating marketing strategies. It is based in the United Kingdom, but it has had a strong presence in the US since 1908.

5. RTi

RTi is a marketing research firm with a team of in-house analysts. Typically, this type of firm will assign a market research expert or build a small team of researchers to support an individual client. Their primary services include market segmentation, impact tracking, and branding strategy.

IRI offers a platform of resources and access to a global network of market research experts. Its main concentrations center on e-commerce, retail sales, and the media industry. This site is well-suited for companies that want to extrapolate information from big data sources and implement new business intelligence technologies in their customer outreach directives.

Catalant is a Boston-based company with a team of market research consultants available to hire on a project basis. Many of Catalant’s market research consultants have held positions at the director or C-Suite level, have experience at prestigious firms, or possessmore than 10 years of professional marketing experience.

The market research consultancy firm specializes in business-to-business and industrial sectors. They have an impressive list of clients and gear their services toward companies pursuing large-scale growth or contemplating mergers and acquisitions.

Growth Collective can match you with a qualified, pre-vetted market research analyst within 24 hours, so it is a good option for companies that need help right away. It has a transparent pricing structure, and its team of analysts can handle long-term or short-term projects.

The Rent-a-Researcher division of Research Rockstar brands itself as a budget-friendly research site for small businesses. Much of its team consists of entry-level researchers. You can buy an expert market research directly from the site in increments as small as one hour, so it is a good fit for projects with a minimal scope of work.

Freelancer.com is a popular forum that connects businesses across a variety of sectors to professionals with the skills needed to take on new projects and plan growth initiatives. One key advantage of Freelancer is that fee structures are flexible. Professionals such as market analysts set their own rates to perform work on contract-based assignments. You can find analysts who charge for their market research analysis using an hourly rate or a flat fee for each assignment.

12. Upwork

Formerly Elance, this marketplace for freelancers merged with oDesk and rebranded itself as Upwork. This publicly traded company has a strong reputation, and it made Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential companies of 2022. This site caters to a wide variety of sectors, and you can find a diverse array of freelance industry analysts.

13. Fiverr

While Fiverr does not have as many individual market research analysts as other comparable platforms, their freelancers have high client satisfaction ratings. Reading detailed reviews from previous clients can help you choose who to work with.

Resourcifi connects businesses with freelance market research consultants who have experience in niche industries and are well-versed in popular business intelligence tools, such as Apache Superset, Plotly, and Tableau.

15. Indeed

Currently one of the largest marketplaces for employment opportunities in the US, Indeed can attract a significant volume of applicants to a market analyst job opening. Using this platform, you may search the resumes of active job seekers for key qualifications that you are looking for. You will need to assess candidates and verify qualifications independently.

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Guide to Hiring Freelance Market Research Analysts

According to recent findings from the Insights Association, a professional association geared toward research marketing, the market research field grew over 6.5% in 2021.

Hire a market research analyst by limiting your search to candidates with proven experience. Not every consultant offering these services has the experience you need. Analysts’ core competencies and strengths can vary significantly. Likewise, every business's needs are unique. This guide can get you started on finding the ideal candidate to help your business with market research.

What Does a Market Research Analyst Do? 

A market research freelancer performs in-depth research geared toward managing resources and marketing functions. Businesses often work with market research analysts to create marketing campaigns, understand their competition, or analyze data to inform business development strategies.

1. Craft Winning Marketing Campaigns

Companies have to manage their marketing budgets with the utmost care. Hiring a market research consultant enables you to make strategic decisions using meaningful, actionable data. Without data-driven analyses, it can be challenging for companies to plan initiatives that successfully engage an optimal number of their target demographics. 

Companies commonly make the mistake of trying to connect with as many people as they possibly can rather than honing in on their target audiences. Market research analysts can help you make sense of data about your existing and potential customers as well as the marketplace so that you can target the right messages to the right people in the most effective ways, giving you the best possible return on your investment.

Drawing insights from seasoned marketing analysts equips your company with a roadmap to engage your target demographics effectively and affordably. An analyst can impart a wealth of useful input about your customer base:

  • Income
  • Spending habits
  • Shopping interests
  • How much they are willing to pay for specific products or services
  • Which companies they currently make purchases from

Knowing your customer enables you to create well-defined customer personas and connect with them better. It could also help you identify crucial benchmarks in your company’s customer service provision. 

2. Size Up Competition

Market research consultants also advise companies about the market conditions and their competitors. Knowing the number and location of competing companies enables you to gauge whether a particular product or service field is oversaturated or whether there is a sizable gap that might represent a great opportunity. 

In addition, a consultant can give you an overview and assessment of your competitors’ marketing activities, in the form of a competitive analysis. Learning from other companies’ successes and shortfalls equips you to shape your marketing communications constructively.

3. Create Development Strategies

A market research analyst helps companies plan for growth strategically by studying the demand for their products or services. This input is useful for more than just planning ad campaigns. When companies know how many potential customers are out there, they can forecast sales and earnings with reliable bases.

Market analyses are especially useful for new ventures as well as companies that are seeking to ramp up their operations. This level of due diligence shows current stakeholders and potential investors or lenders that you are taking the right steps to achieve growth.  

Why Hire a Dedicated Market Research Analyst? 

A dedicated market research analyst have critical thinking that makes them able to render credible and illustrative insights. Anyone can make broad generalizations about consumer and market trends or industry developments, but a professional analyst can generate comprehensive reports about key factors driving growth in your target market. Furthermore, hiring a consultant could offer assistance to help you achieve a specific objective, reach a new milestone in your company’s growth trajectory, or navigate around new challenges.

Should I Hire a Market Research Freelancer? 

According to CareerProfiles.Info, only about 5% of marketing research analysts in the US are self-employed. This segment represents one of the highest tiers of talent in the marketing industry. Freelance market researchers tend to have niche-oriented skills, so hiring a marketing analyst on a contract basis can give you the specialized insights you’re looking for. This hiring option allows you to utilize professional analyses without adding an entire position onto your operating budget. 

What Skills To Look For in a Market Research Analyst 

To excel in the role of a market research professionals, individuals need diverse and adaptable skill sets. In particular, you need someone who is detail-oriented and has excellent organizational skills. In this field, people need a strong understanding of statistical analysis, so it can be advantageous to hire someone whose educational background includes statistics. 

Consider these key attributes in your search for the right market research analyst for your company:

  • Fluent in statistical analysis
  • Qualitative and quantitative data modeling
  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills
  • Critical reasoning
  • Familiarity with data privacy compliance

The tools that marketing analysts use to carry out their work are continually evolving. While it is generally preferable to hire someone who is proficient with current modeling and analysis tools, experience using a specific platform should not necessarily be among your most essential list of criteria. Nevertheless, proficiency with multiple data analysis tools shows that a candidate has a good grasp of how to use some of the most popular market research resources:

  • Tableau
  • SpyFu
  • Typeform
  • BrandMentions
  • Claritas MyBestSegments

Professional certifications or a membership in a professional association such as the American Marketing Association may offer welcome reassurance about an individual’s know-how and experience. In addition, make it a point to check out reviews or testimonials from a market research consultant’s prior clients.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Market Research Analysts?

According to 2021 findings from the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a market research analyst is $63,920 a year, and the median hourly rate is $30.63. In general, hiring an analyst with advanced or specialized experience will be more costly than hiring an individual with general skills or experience. As per usual, the experience defines how much do market research analysts make.

Tips for Writing a Marketing Research Analyst Job Description

Whenever you are hiring someone for either a contract, part-time, or full-time position, it is imperative that you convey your expectations clearly in a comprehensive job description. Consider your practical needs discerningly when you write a job description. You may find it helpful to read a sample marketing research analyst job description for reference, but avoid copying and pasting other companies’ job descriptions verbatim. 

A great job description should not only list your criteria for candidates but also provide an accurate summary of specific functions that an individual will be responsible for. If you are writing a job description for a project-specific placement, be sure to describe the scope of the project in detail.

How To Find Market Research Analysts for Hire

Before you begin your search, consider what you hope to get from a marketing analyst’s insights. Give thought to particular skills you are looking for as well as any time-sensitive constraints on project-based needs. 

In evaluating a specific platform for freelance services, be attentive to the qualifications of their candidate pool. Consider whether recruiters will play a role in matching you or whether you have to find a match yourself. In addition, consider whether you will need to pay fees in addition to the compensation that you will pay to a market research analyst. Ideally, you should use a user-friendly platform with an intuitive layout and convenient options to request help. 

With so many options for finding market research analysts, this endeavor may seem a little overwhelming. Use this guide as a resource to streamline your search for the right market research advisor to support you and your team. 


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