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Top 15 Sites To Find and Hire the Best Business Consultants

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

Toptal is a leading staffing firm for organizations seeking talented freelance workers. They offer remote or on-site business consultants for your company’s needs. Candidates go through a comprehensive screening process that only the top 3% of freelancers pass. Businesses benefit from expertly matched talent for their niche set of needs.

  • The site provides a trial period for hiring freelance business consultants for no cost to business owners.
  • It gives access to an exclusive network of business consultants with hard-to-find skills.
  • The platform attracts the strongest high-caliber talent in the industry, with one reviewer describing it as the “best freelancing experience on the internet.”

Robert Half is a staffing agency that focuses on innovative business solutions for its clients. Companies work with the agency on specific business consulting needs, such as technology, compliance, finance, customer service, legal, operations and human resources. Clients choose either freelance business consultants or permanent staffing solutions depending on their preferences.

  • The team at Robert Half stays in contact with clients and proactively finds exactly what you require.
  • They feature a global network of talented individuals capable of giving you insight and expertise about your business problem. 
  • You can fine-tune your search for a business consultant based on what tasks you want fulfilled.

When you want a firm that focuses primarily on the best business consultants, the Addison Group is a good fit. The company works with a team of consulting organizations and acts as the link between talented business consultants and your business. This offers companies flexibility with project type and timeline.

  • Recruiters at the Addison Group have a small business, personalized approach to their talent scouting, despite it being a global corporation.
  • The firm prioritizes recruiting a talent team that is diverse and promotes principles of equity.
  • Clients can expect matches with experienced, knowledgeable business experts with connections in a variety of industries.

The recruitment staff at Bain & Company brings in experts from across all industries to help companies find business consultants. They have an impressive portfolio of top clients from around the world and high-level consulting professionals. Bain & Company delivers consultant expertise for your company’s specific niche.

  • The firm also offers clients a digital software suite along with expert individual advisors for specific projects or time periods. 
  • Customers have complimented the organization’s ability to deliver in-depth solutions to complex business problems.
  • Clients also get additional benefits from each consultant’s track record of success and quick results.

Deloitte is a leader in the consultant world, with teams of skilled business consultants that help companies thrive. The company features a roster of talent in high-tech industries, government organizations and the private sector. Their consultants offer advisement in a range of topics, including AI, human capital, business operations and enterprise performance.

Accenture stands out from other consulting firms with its comprehensive vetting process for potential candidates. Aspiring freelance business consultants must demonstrate strong problem-solving and analytical skills before the organization recruits them to join its ranks. Potential freelancers must also complete a battery of assessments for specific industry expertise and Accenture’s training program.

  • Accenture requires its candidates to demonstrate expertise by analyzing a case study and proving they have the right combination of brains and experience.
  • Clients benefiting from Accenture services include financial, communications, healthcare, energy, public service, manufacturing, retail, automotive and more.
  • The consultants who make up their team provide services related to business strategy, recruiting, technology, digital spaces and operations.

If you are looking to find freelance business consultants that primarily serve the IT industry, try the Judge Group. The company offers locations throughout the United States, Canada and India and works with a global talent database. Organizations that want to expand through mergers, optimize through new strategies and transform with a new digital direction can benefit from working with the Judge Group.

  • The company has worked on hiring business consultants for different industries since its inception in 1970.
  • Talent from the Judge Group also helps with training solutions for your company’s permanent staffing and professional development needs.
  • They provide on-site staffing for business consultants, remote talent or offshore freelancers depending on your preferences and project budget.

Amserv has been assisting companies with business consulting services for more than 36 years. They have a proven methodology and process with their freelance business consultants. You start by connecting with Amserv’s team in a discovery call. A project manager performs their proprietary analysis of your problem and matches you with an individual or a team that can produce results.

  • Amserv has a commitment to helping companies reach higher profits and productivity with their team of business consultants and experts.
  • Their customers have gotten help from their business consultants with streamlining operations and reducing waste.
  • This team of business consultants also provides company turnaround services, cost control options and employee development for an existing staff.
9. Paro

Paro is a freelancing platform that aims to connect the most talented independent contractors with businesses that need tasks completed. Their main method of linking professionals to companies that need manpower help is their proprietary platform. The platform uses an algorithm to help organizations find an exact match to the right freelancer for their needs, such as a business consultant.

  • The platform does an extensive background and competency check for any candidates wanting to use their services.
  • Paro takes care of all of the marketing efforts for recruiting freelance workers on your team, freeing up your company’s resources.
  • Their platform handles all of the payroll and accounting for hiring and lets companies solely focus on their project.

LinkedIn started off as a job search board for companies and applicants in all industries. It has evolved to be the primary social media platform for the professional world. Companies seeking freelancers can find potential candidates, review resumes, chat with freelance workers and see their portfolios.

  • LinkedIn offers recruiting services for organizations that have specific needs, such as finding freelance consultants.
  • Skilled candidates can message you with their proposals that include information about their services and costs. 
  • LinkedIn’s platform makes it easy to see any potential freelancer’s career history and network of business professionals. 

PeoplePerHour is a large marketplace that brings freelance workers together with firms that have a specific project in mind. Buyers post their projects on the platform and wait for experts to respond with their offerings and services. Once you book a freelancer, PeoplePerHour takes care of the paperwork and logistics of paying and time tracking.

  • PeoplePerHour’s vetting system focuses on user reviews from other companies.
  • The platform allows you to get the talent you need at the most affordable price. 
  • The database of talent is massive, allowing the top freelancers to compete for coveted projects from businesses.
12. Bark

The online platform Bark is another talent marketplace that offers a large variety of freelance professionals for businesses. They work with more than 5 million customers in eight countries around the world. It works by asking a few questions about your needs and matching you with talented pros.

  • Bark is part of the top 10% of all freelance platforms from around the globe.
  • After answering their questions, businesses view potential candidates for free and pay a fee to make contact with freelancers.
  • Bark promises to offer refunds if the contact information is incorrect or the phone number does not work.
13. Upwork

Upwork is an award-winning platform that has revolutionized the freelance marketplace. Their process gives businesses a lot of flexibility with hiring freelance business consultants or other talent. You can post your job, browse talented people or get Upwork to do the legwork for your recruiting efforts.

  • You only pay for your freelancer once you hire your candidate and get your project going.
  • Upwork gives companies the option to have video chats, look at candidates’ previous work and review their qualifications before hiring.
  • It features a comprehensive freelancer monitoring system that includes screenshots and keystroke counting during your time.
14. Fiverr

Fiverr’s original business model was to be like an eBay of freelance opportunities. Today, this organization has expanded to go beyond the traditional constraints of a freelance platform. Companies have the option of searching their larger database or a smaller database of high-level professionals for business consultants.

  • Fiverr also provides business success managers to take over the recruiting and hiring process for contractors.
  • The company includes an award-winning platform that provides collaboration and project management opportunities.
  • You pay the freelancer’s hourly rate and manage their workload through Fiverr’s platform.
15. Guru

Guru’s massive database of freelance professionals with business experience is in the tens of thousands. The company acts as a go-between for freelance workers and businesses. They provide the platform, vetting services, payment terms, security and peace of mind.

  • Guru advertises itself as having the lowest overhead fees in the freelance marketplace industry.
  • Their platform gives you flexibility with payment terms, such as hourly, per project or recurring.
  • Freelancers in their marketplace come from all parts of the world, including local talent.
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Guide to Hiring Freelance Business Consultants

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for business consultants will grow 11% in the next decade. The reason for this demand is because of the increasing realization that companies need to work smarter, not harder, to reach their goals. 

The world’s business marketplace continues to present unique challenges to companies, making advisors and experts necessary for success. The industry will grow more than 9% this year with a huge increase in demand for consultants who can help revamp organizations after the pandemic. 

The American workplace has 1.9. million fewer people in 2023 than three years ago, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. This means there is a surplus of open positions and not enough talented people to fill them. Knowing how to hire business consultants in the current job marketplace takes effort and patience. The volatile and challenging hiring atmosphere of today makes it necessary for businesses to use online platforms and expert recruiters to help with their talent scouting. 

There are many examples of companies that have transformed their success with the help of a talented business consultant. For instance, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts turned to business consultants to streamline their customer loyalty program between their portfolio of individual brands and franchises. The result was a cloud-based, automated loyalty program and increased customer satisfaction.

Luckily there are recruiters and freelance marketplaces that make finding a business consultant easier. As the future points to greater needs for this service, there will be more ways to connect with a top consultant.

Hiring a Freelance Business Consultant

When you need to hire a freelance business consultant, you have several options. Instead of just considering a full-time or part-time consultant, think about going with a remote or freelance worker. 

Consultants typically work on a specific one-time project instead of dealing with the everyday logistics of a business. This is an ideal scenario for a remote or freelance employee. Hiring remote freelancers helps your company save on employer taxes, get more flexibility and find talent anywhere in the world.

Find the Best Site To Hire the Right Business Consultants in Under 60 Second

What Does a Business Consultant Do?

Business consultants can have a variety of duties depending on their expertise and industry. Why hire business consultants? They offer skilled analysis to help a company improve, transform or reorganize. They may work on solving a specific company problem, analyze financial data, recommend different processes and help a company’s leadership team be more successful.

An example of a business consultant project that made a clear impact comes from McKinsey & Company. This consulting firm partnered with New Zealand retailer the Warehouse Group. One task they managed was to transform the employee hierarchy and workflow of the company to improve customer satisfaction. “TWG’s employees were used to decisions going up and down a siloed chain of command, with leadership focused on managing and directing, rather than collaborating,” according to McKinsey. “We worked with leaders to eliminate those structures and unleash the potential of their people.”

In another example from Toptal, mental wellness app Calm needed a way to control the stability of its app after a devastating outage. They teamed up with an experienced leader through Toptal’s platform to develop a faster server response and more reliable networking. According to Calm, their freelancer’s “senior-level experience with AWS best-practices fast-tracked our company’s infrastructure development. His work was a crucial milestone that enabled us to scale our engineering teams and systems in step with our rapid growth.” 

As a result of working with McKinsey, the Warehouse Group saw increased productivity and higher levels of employee engagement. Companies that hire dedicated business consultants do so to help improve their bottom lines. This translates to higher profitability, increased customer satisfaction, more efficiency, better sustainability and increased value. Having outside experts come in and give your company feedback and solutions is a must in today’s competitive world.

How To Hire Business Consultants

The first step in hiring a great business consultant is determining your company’s needs. Work with your management team to survey your organization’s weaknesses. Categorize what department you need to improve, such as accounting, customer service or operations. From there, identify the type of expert business consultant you want to bring on board.

Next, your team needs to develop the scope of the project your business consultant will solve. This means determining the timeframe, goals, department involvement and potential outcomes. This step helps you figure out if you need someone on site or a remote professional.

Once you know what you want from a business consultant, start reaching out to find the perfect candidate. There may be many individuals advertising themselves as business consultants, but you’ll need a true guru with comprehensive knowledge of your industry. Some companies link up with former employees and network to find the top industry experts, but that takes lots of time and effort.

A better, more convenient option for busy professionals is to use a recruiting specialist or online freelance marketplace to find a skilled business consultant. You may have the recruiting company take care of all of the hiring tasks, including interviewing, or you can opt to vet the candidates yourself. There are several online platforms that may meet your needs.

What Skills To Look for When Hiring Business Consultants

The business consultant you hire should have a combination of preferred soft skills and specific industry talents in your field. Here are some of the soft skills that you should look for in a potential business consultant for your team:

  • Organization and Time Management: At the core of an effective business consultant’s skills is their ability to reorganize an aspect of your business. Organizational skills are a must. Additionally, their proficiency with time management also needs to be stellar.
  • Analytical Skills: The majority of a business consultant’s role is to analyze something related to your business process and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Communication: Business consultants have to communicate their findings and recommendations to your team in an effective way.
  • Problem-Solving: An essential aspect of consulting is solving problems that are complex and multifaceted.

Next for business consultant qualifications are hard skills that are more industry-specific. Most companies look for business consultants who have credentials, such as a bachelor’s degree or an advanced graduate degree from a university. They also look for someone who has experience in their industry rather than a candidate who just recently graduated from college and started working. Many business consultants are also former CEOs, CFOs or other top leaders.

Technical skills that companies often seek in a business consultant include: 

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Business Consultants?

The cost to hire a business consultant is dependent on several factors, such as your location, the level of experience you are looking for and your industry. On average, business consultants earn from $31 to $46 per hour when doing remote freelance work. Full-time business consultants may earn between $50,190 and $163,760 per year.

Tips for Writing a Business Consultant Job Description

In many cases, you or a member of your team will have to write a business consultant job description. Writing an effective job posting can help you attract the perfect matching business consultant for your organization, so you have to get it right. Indicate your specific needs and include the technical skills that are in demand in your sector.

Before moving on to the interview process, give candidates assessments that fairly evaluate their competencies. Conduct panel interviews and work sessions to get closer to hiring the top person in your field. Prioritize equity and diversity in your screening process to expand your potential candidate base and get greater insight into solving your company’s problems.

Common Interview Questions To Ask When You Are Looking To Hire a Business Consultant

It is helpful to have a set of go-to interview questions when you want to hire a business consultant for your team. The answers to these questions give you more insight into a candidate’s process and how they could benefit your organization. Check out these typical interview questions for business consultants and sample answers to look for.

  1. A recommended question to ask a potential candidate is “What is your experience in this industry?” Your team should look for an answer that demonstrates a history of success in your industry. As a rule of thumb, the business consultant should have at least 10 years of direct experience in your industry or a related field.
  1. Something else to ask is “What is the biggest challenge for companies in this industry?” The answer the candidate gives should indicate a strong understanding of the challenges your current organization faces. A particularly developed answer can even give you additional insight into challenges that your company may face in the future.
  1. Finally, ask the candidate, “What is your problem-solving process in business consulting?” There are many different but appropriate answers to this question. Overall, look for a candidate who details a comprehensive process with multiple steps. Their process should include investigation, communication, analysis and strategy.

How To Find Freelance Business Consultants for Hire

The best are job boards, freelance platforms and outsourcing agencies. It is essential to explore the features and services of each resource to find the right match. Evaluate the talent pool, speed of hiring, cost, quality of services and more before choosing. 

Toptal covers all of your bases with its commitment to recruiting consultants with the most experience and expertise. Hiring a business consultant is a challenging task that you should handle strategically. The future of your company depends on you using the right resources to match you with a professional who will be able to steer your company to higher levels of success.


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