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Top 15 Sites To Find and Hire the Best Freelance Corporate Governance Consultants

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

Toptal’s platform attracts the highest-caliber talent, including the best corporate governance consultants. Each applicant undergoes a rigorous vetting and testing process that weeds out all but 3% of the most qualified and experienced talent. The platform offers on-demand freelance corporate governance consultants for hire and expertly matches the right talent for your business’s needs. Whether you seek financial forecasting expertise, sustainability strategies, or employee satisfaction improvements, Toptal’s matching services will find the corporate governance consultant with the best qualifications and experience.

Key Points:

  • Offers a risk-free trial for up to 5 days
  • Boasts over 60,000 completed projects for 25K+ satisfied clients
  • Has a Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5

Customer Testimonial:

“The Toptal team was very responsive and had completed some very important pre-screening that led to a great contractor engagement. The skill, diligence, and work ethic of our contractor was second to none. Very pleased overall.” — Graham, Trustpilot Reviews

NMS Consulting is a consulting firm that offers various services for businesses. You can hire a corporate governance consultant to develop solutions tailored to your company’s needs. The firm partners with its clients to assess company governance gaps and create a plan for effective oversight. The company also guides its clients on sustainability practices at the executive level.

Key Points:

  • Provides a free consultation
  • Offers flexible pricing but may be more costly than hiring a freelance corporate governance consultant
  • Works with companies of any size from a range of industries

Deloitte is a global consulting and advisory firm offering corporate governance consulting services. The company has comprehensive services designed to assist in company structure and processes. Their consultants also help with business succession planning. If you need a full suite of corporate governance services and have a strong budget, you may want to hire corporate governance consultants from Deloitte.

Key Points:

  • Has a global presence
  • Works with companies from a wide range of industries
  • Requires an RFP to request services

This two-person firm specializes in corporate governance, focusing on Board evaluations. However, they do offer other governance services as well. They have worked with various businesses and organizations, including non-profits, public companies, and private entities.

Key Points:

  • Has two attorneys serving as consultants, providing legal expertise with their services
  • Requires interested parties to contact them to obtain specifics about their services

 Is likely limited in availability due to the company’s small size

This company offers corporate management services, including corporate governance and sustainability. Rivel works with companies on six continents and has provided consultation services for 1,625 management teams and boards. If you need to find corporate governance consultants for year-round strategic consultations, Rivel may offer what you need. The company also provides board evaluations and ESG consultations.

Key Points:

  •  Focuses on the three pillars of ESG corporate responsibility
  •  Has a global team available to work with companies around the world
  • Includes half of the S&P 500 on its client list

Client Testimonial:

"When Walker & Dunlop first began to explore the ESG landscape, we felt extremely daunted given the wide range of company disclosures and the number of frameworks and rating systems that exist. Rivel helped us navigate all of this, starting by gaining a deep understanding of our company’s operations and goals and then taking us step by step through the process of creating the foundation for a comprehensive ESG program that we can build upon for many years to come." — Kelsey Duffey, Vice President, Investor Relations, Walker & Dunlop

This firm provides customized corporate governance solutions to businesses from a wide range of industries. Morrow Sodali consultants identify gaps in your current governance processes and assess the risk those gaps create. They provide updates on changing regulations and market trends, offering insight and advice on their potential impact. The firm also specializes in social and environmental risk analyses.

Key Points:

  • Serve more than 2,000 clients, with a presence in 70 countries
  • Works with public entities, private organizations, and for-profit businesses, including large multinationals
  • Offers comprehensive services but requires direct contact to learn more about services

EQ is a global advising company with 6,500 employees. If you hire a corporate governance consultant from EQ, your advisor will assess your current governance ecosystem, analyze shareholder and management proposals, and develop strategies to improve engagement. The service also includes targeted communication campaigns to increase connection to various shareholder groups.

Key Points:

  • Has provided governance advisory services for 80 years
  • Requires you to contact the company to find out its full range of services
  • Offers compensation advisory services

This firm is dedicated to assisting companies with corporate governance and sustainability strategies that align with company goals and stakeholder needs. Their consultants provide risk assessments and current governance program reviews, determine improvement areas, and develop a roadmap of short- and long-term changes. With offices in North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe, ISS Corporate has a global client base.

Key Points:

  • Provides year-round, dedicated corporate governance advising services
  • Offers two levels of consulting services
  • Does not provide a diverse talent pool

Teneo partners with businesses, offering CEO advisory services and helping companies build effective compliance and governance programs. The company’s suite of services includes corporate governance, board advisory, and regulatory compliance. Taneo is headquartered in New York but has 40 offices on five continents. Consultants also work with businesses on stakeholder engagement improvements.

Key Points:

  • Has served more than 1,200 clients
  • Collaborates with governance experts, business leaders, and management from around the world
  • Requires you to contact the company to learn specifics about how to work with their consultants
10. Aon

Aon is an advising firm with two focus areas: risk capital and human capital. In the corporate governance arena, the company lends technological resources along with consultants to help its clients improve governance in multiple areas, such as executive compensation, pay and performance analyses, market and legislation updates, shareholder education, and company restructuring. Aon has a global presence, with offices in multiple countries on almost every continent.

Key Points:

  • Provides a comprehensive approach to corporate governance and executive compensation
  • Requires interested companies to contact an office for information on how the company can help them and to connect with a corporate governance consultant
  • Has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 for consulting on G2
11. Guru

This freelancer platform allows you to search for professionals with expertise in corporate governance. The company claims to have the lowest fees in the industry and returns 100% of the 2.9% handling fee to companies who opt to pay using a wire transfer or eCheck. When searching for talent, you can peruse profiles or submit a project. If you submit a project, you receive quotes from interested professionals and evaluate the candidates to choose the ones you want to interview, then hire a corporate governance consultant who meets your needs.

Key Points:

  • Lists nearly 400 corporate governance consultants available for hire
  • Has a global presence, with talent and clients from around the world
  • Verifies freelancers and provides data such as all-time transactions and feedback scores

CleverX provides three paths to connect with corporate governance consultants. You can message them directly with the company’s free messaging service, request a one-on-one video conference, or hire them for a project. The company seems to focus on research interviews and online surveys. However, profiles provide a “Hire for work” button for submitting projects to talent of interest.

Key Points:

  • Offers a unique combination of resources for companies looking for corporate governance expertise
  • Does not provide a matching service to connect you with qualified candidates
  •  Provides multiple filtering options to allow you to narrow your options
13. Upwork

This freelance hiring platform offers two ways to find the right talent at the right price. Upwork serves as a job board, allowing you to post your job or project to a global marketplace of job seekers. Additionally, you can search for talent-created projects and find and purchase the one that matches your needs. Upwork offers a consulting service for businesses seeking the best ways to find talent on the platform to meet their needs. The company collects a 10% fee from freelancers and employers.

Key Points:

  • Provides multiple options for finding talent
  • Lists talent with a wide range of skills and rate requirements
  • Does not vet or test job seekers before allowing them to create profiles

This platform lets you hire freelance corporate governance consultants by either posting your project or searching for qualified candidates. If you post your project, Kolabtree generates a list of qualified candidates and provides quotes for free. You create a short list from the company’s list and invite them to apply. You can also search Kolabtree’s talent database and send a proposal to candidates who interest you. If you conduct your own search of the database, you will need to apply more than one filter to narrow your choices to relevant candidates.

Key Points:

  • Guarantees privacy and security through IP protection and non-disclosure agreements
  • Has a strong emphasis on providing candidates with a doctoral degree or research background
  • Does not vet or test talent before listing on the site

Customer Review:

“From start to finish, finding and collaborating with a freelancer on Kolabtree was an excellent experience.” — Alexandra Thomson, Co-founder and CEO at Allele

ZipRecruiter is a job board that can help you find freelance corporate governance consultants. The company has a slightly different process for small- and medium-sized businesses and enterprises. If you are in the former category, you post your job to the job board, the software matches your posting to qualified candidates, you review them, and then invite your top candidates to apply. Enterprise businesses can post sponsored ads to gain more visibility. All employers can search ZipRecruiter’s resume database.

Key Points:

  • Leads to search success within 24 hours for four out of five talent seekers
  • Has a weekly talent reach of 12 million
  • Allows job seekers to create accounts and apply for jobs without passing any tests or undergoing a vetting process
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Guide to Hiring Freelance Corporate Governance Consultants

Hiring a Corporate Governance Consultant

Hiring corporate governance consultants with the right skills and experience for your goals can be challenging. Corporate governance covers diverse aspects of your business, from equitable compensation to ethical standards. It encompasses regulatory, stock market, and social frameworks, processes, and practices. Finding consultants with expertise that meets your company’s objectives can be costly and time-consuming, especially given the ever-evolving corporate governance climate.

Furthermore, effective corporate governance is critical for building trust, not just among your customers but also among your employees and other stakeholders. Disruptive technologies such as generative AI and stakeholder demand for more substantive action towards ESG goals and strong values, require you to stay abreast of what’s important to your stakeholders to build and maintain trust. According to a recent PwC survey, 87% of company leaders believe that consumers have a great deal of trust in their brand, but only 30% of consumers say that they trust businesses.

Corporate governance can improve trust in your brand, employee satisfaction, and your bottom line, and hiring the right corporate governance consultant can help you get there. Fortunately, tools and platforms exist today that make your search easier, including those that will assist you in discovering what you need from your consultant. We know the task can be daunting, but understanding the hiring landscape, the role a corporate governance consultant plays, and what to look for when hiring helps you find the best talent for your company.

Hiring a Freelance Corporate Governance Consultant

You have multiple options for hiring a corporate governance consultant, from a dedicated team to a part-time, temporary freelancer, and everything in between. Not all businesses need to hire a team of consultants offered through many consulting firms, nor do they need the full suite of services. If your needs are better suited to working with an individual and having the flexibility to adapt services as your needs evolve, you may want to hire a freelance corporate governance consultant.

The best freelance talent platforms list top corporate governance consulting industry talent worldwide. You have a wider pool of highly qualified consultants with a diverse range of skills and experiences to choose from. Additionally, whether you seek full-time, part-time, temporary, or permanent professionals, you can find them on freelancers for hire platforms.

What Does a Corporate Governance Consultant Do?

Corporate governance has risen to the forefront of stakeholder expectations, with increasing consumer and investor pressure for corporate ethics and responsibility. It encompasses all the rules, practices, and processes a business implements to balance diverse interests across various stakeholder groups. With such a far-reaching definition, what does a corporate governance consultant do for a business?

A consultant can assess your company’s governance frameworks and structures to determine whether they align with company and stakeholder values and goals and develop strategies for improvement. One of the objectives when you hire dedicated corporate governance consultants is to establish a framework that sets you up for ongoing ethical decision-making, adaptability, and sustainability.  

They may be involved in one or multiple sectors of the business, advising on regulatory, financial, and social components, including:

  • Board structure, function, and composition
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Financial disclosures
  • Growth opportunities
  • C-suite compensation
  • Regulatory compliance

Corporate governance consultants for hire on freelance platforms may perform a wide variety of tasks or specialize in one area, such as board effectiveness or financial risk analysis and mitigation.

Why Hire Corporate Governance Consultants?

The corporate governance landscape is ever-evolving, with changing stakeholder expectations and activism creating challenges for businesses. No longer is it enough to profit if you want a sustainable future. In addition, staying on top of national and global regulatory requirements and governance standards is often difficult. Why hire corporate governance consultants? They help your company navigate changes and manage risk, whether financial, organizational, or reputational.

What does a Corporate Governance Consultant do

How To Hire Corporate Governance Consultants?

Once you determine that you want to work with a consultant, you must know how to hire corporate governance consultants as effectively and efficiently as possible. Your first step in the hiring process is defining the scope of your company’s needs. Understanding your goals is critical to finding the right talent when you hire a corporate governance consultant. After you establish your goals, determine whether you need:

  • Someone with specialized skills in one area or broad skills in multiple aspects of corporate governance
  • One corporate governance consultant or a team
  • Short-term, project-level assistance or year-round consulting services

You should also understand your budget and time constraints. Hiring a freelance corporate governance consultant is often quicker and less expensive than hiring a firm. On the other hand, if the scope of your company’s needs is large enough to require a team and year-round services, and you have the budget for it, hiring a firm may be a better option.

To hire a freelance corporate governance consultant, you would need to find platforms that list talent with interest and experience in governance, as not all do. The platforms in this guide are a good place to start, as each has a designated corporate governance category. After deciding which platforms are best suited to your needs, you can post your job or project on the site. Depending on the platform, you will either receive qualified matches and then solicit a short list to apply or wait for the talent to submit proposals to you. In either case, we recommend that you conduct an interview before finalizing your choice and making an offer.

If you choose to hire a corporate governance consultant from a firm, you will need to decide which firms offer the range of services you need. Identify a few that may offer what you are looking for and contact the company to learn more about their services. You should ask them how long it takes to begin working with a consultant, whether you have any choice in which consultant or consultants you work with, how many hours they give you and their communication level, the pricing structure, and whether they have a satisfaction guarantee.

What Skills To Look for When Hiring Corporate Governance Consultants

The specific skills to look for depend on what you need the corporate governance consultant to do and your company’s size and industry. Finding talent with experience and skills related to the scope of your project and expertise in your industry and with companies your size is essential. Someone with a background in medium-sized, national nonprofits won’t likely be a good fit if your business is a multinational, for-profit company. However, several corporate governance consultant skills are universally crucial for governance professionals, including:

  • Strong organizational capabilities
  • Detail-oriented
  • Exceptional critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Strategic thinking and strategy development
  • Financial and compensation analyses
  • Risk analysis
  • Market analysis
  • In-depth understanding of regulatory requirements and governance standards
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, including shareholder outreach
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines

An often-overlooked element of hiring a corporate governance consultant is finding someone who fits your company culture. Research suggests that 73% of professionals leave jobs due to cultural mismatch. The hiring process is often stressful, costly, and time-consuming (for instance, according to a LinkedIn study, the average time to hire a candidate in the financial sector is approximately two months). The more you can do to find the right talent for your company, the better the long-term prospects for success.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Corporate Governance Consultants?

The cost to hire a corporate governance consultant can vary widely depending on your needs, the talent’s skills and experience, and whether you hire an individual or a team. For example, you can find freelance corporate governance consultants on Upwork for as low as $12 per hour to as much as $395 per hour. On the other hand, consulting and advising firms, such as Deloitte, require you to submit an RFP before you find out how much their consulting services cost.

Tips for Writing a Corporate Governance Consultant Job Description

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 987,600 management analyst jobs in the U.S. in 2022, with a projected growth rate of 10% over the next decade. While corporate governance consultants are a subset of management analyst roles, the data indicate that the demand for these services is increasing. Experienced corporate governance consultants may have numerous job opportunities, leading to a competitive market for companies looking to hire. Your corporate governance job description provides the first impression of your company and your unique offerings and qualities.

To create a strong description, you must know what you are looking for in a corporate governance consultant candidate. Be as specific as possible in describing the job scope, required skills, timeline to hire, and project or job duration. You should also include a salary range. As much as 85% of job seekers won’t apply to a position if the posting does not disclose a salary range.

You will also want to disclose any requirements you have during the hiring process, such as interviews, proficiency tests, or technical assessments. Be sure to give candidates reasons they would want to work for your company. What makes your company stand out? What perks do you offer? A corporate governance consultant job description that will help you quickly hire someone who is a good fit for you sells your company to prospects as much as it reveals what skills and job responsibilities you require.

Common Interview Questions To Ask When You Are Looking To Hire a Corporate Governance Consultant

In addition to asking the questions integral to any employment interview — such as those regarding educational background or strengths and weaknesses — there are a few common questions to ask when hiring a corporate governance consultant. Asking these questions will help you narrow your candidates to those with the skills and traits that are the best fit for your company and needs.

1. What are the most important principles of corporate governance and why are these important? The four guiding principles of corporate governance are fairness, transparency, accountability, and responsibility. A candidate should be able to respond to why they are important with answers that address company and stakeholder benefits.

2. Describe the most significant challenge a company you worked with faced and how you helped them overcome it. Look for responses that provide specific strategies and offer details that reveal creativity, foresight, collaboration, and big-picture thinking.

3. In which areas of corporate governance do you have the most experience? When asking this question, make sure you clearly understand what you need from a corporate governance consultant and look for experiences that match your needs.

4. What are your strongest skills? Most jobs require hard and soft skills to varying degrees. In the corporate governance environment, soft skills are essential to success, regardless of the kinds of tasks you wish the candidate to perform if you hire them. As such, you are looking for answers emphasizing soft skills and finance, legal, or technical skills.

5. Why would you be a good fit for this role in our company? Look for responses that indicate that the candidate has done some research on your company. They should cite skills and personal qualities and discuss how they align with your business structure and culture.

How To Find Freelance Corporate Governance Consultants for Hire

If you decide to hire a freelancer, you will need to know where to find freelance corporate governance consultants for hire. There are multiple ways to find freelance corporate governance consultants, including freelance hiring platforms, job boards, and outsourcing agencies. The best sites to hire freelance corporate governance consultants are freelance marketplaces such as Toptal, which provide the quickest route to hiring and the largest talent pools. The platform does most of the work for you, alleviating many of the stressors of hiring. Furthermore, Toptal lists only the highest-quality and experienced talent in the corporate governance industry.

During this time of increasing pressure from diverse stakeholders, getting corporate governance right is critical to long-term sustainability. Once you establish your company’s goals and determine what you need from a consultant, you can develop a clear path to finding and hiring a corporate governance consultant with the qualifications and experience to meet your company’s needs. Effective governance benefits your company and stakeholders, and hiring the right corporate governance consultant can help you achieve the balance you seek.


Where Can I Hire Corporate Governance Consultants?

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