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Top 15 Sites To Find and Hire the Best Compliance Consultants

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

Start your search for the best compliance consultants at Toptal, a freelance hiring site that recruits people with specialized skills. Toptal only accepts the top 3% of their applicants, ensuring you get a shortlist of expertly-matched talent. Toptal takes care of all of the onboarding, payroll and administrative tasks, freeing up your time to run your business.

Business client Fisayo Oluwadiya says, “I was already familiar with Toptal through their work in engineering excellence so when I noticed that they also had a product line for marketing, I knew engaging them was a no-brainer. This was the absolute right decision given the professional experience I had from account manager to candidate discovery and interview process. I only needed to have one interview to see the difference in quality of candidates as compared to other platforms. I cannot recommend Toptal enough and I am looking forward to a long term partnership on all their offerings.”

  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for up to 5 days.
  • TopTal has completed over 60,000 projects for 25K+ satisfied clients.
  • They have a Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5.

Another option for businesses is to partner with a firm that specializes just in consulting services, like Deloitte. Deloitte’s business model is a little different from freelancing sites and standalone business consultancy organizations. Deloitte works with a network of independent contractors and their own team of compliance consultants who offer project-based services.

  • Deloitte offers compliance consultants through its Regulatory & Legal Services department.
  • They have different ways to partner with businesses, including paying fixed hourly rates for independent contractors or a flat fee per project.

Conselium is a firm that only recruits and hires freelance compliance consultants. They offer full-service recruiting and onboarding services for compliance officers starting at the managerial level and up to the executive level. They work with both companies and jobseekers to optimize the experience and make sure everyone gets what they need.

  • Conselium sources and screens candidates from around the globe for your compliance project. 
  • Their hiring experts customize specific offers to potential new hires, including full-time candidates and freelancers.

Businesses that are part of the export and import industry need to find compliance consultants who know the stringent federal regulations for this field. One organization that provides specialized assistance in this industry is FD Associates. This Washington, D.C.-based firm provides help with recruiting compliance experts as well as placing in-house personnel for projects related to exports.

  • FD Associates offers more than 100 years of combined experience from its professional staff.
  • Their services include pre-vetting, screening resumes, interviewing, evaluating technical knowledge and customized hiring solutions.

If your company needs more flexibility in your hiring and less of a full-service agency approach, Kolabtree may be right for you. Kolabtree is a fusion of a crowdsourced panel of experts and a freelance marketplace. Companies post projects, and industry experts respond with their rates and proposals for the job.

  • Kolabtree’s experts set their own rates and project conditions, so you have to read the fine print carefully.
  • The site promises confidentiality and keeps your intellectual property protected when collaborating with experts.

Next, consider using one of the top freelance marketplaces for your hiring needs. Upwork has a large network of freelance workers in all types of industries. Find freelance compliance consultants who you can interview and vet through the site’s interface.

  • Start the process by posting the requirements of your project and waiting for compliance professionals to reach out to you.
  • The site only offers freelancers at an hourly rate or a new hire for a full-time salaried position.
8. Guru

Guru makes it simple to reach out to talented freelancers and save money on hiring and onboarding costs. This site allows you to hire freelance compliance experts by posting your job and reviewing freelancer responses, resumes, portfolios and reviews from other clients. Guru’s business model provides employers with flexibility when they want to scale their organization and hire contractors without a commitment.

  • Guru’s database of professionals comes from nearly 85 countries around the world.
  • The site offers a secure payment system that keeps the money in escrow until you let them know that you approve the completed project.
9. Paro

If you want the convenience and cost-effectiveness of a freelance marketplace but need more specialized talent, may have you covered. This site uses the power of AI to expertly match your company with compliance freelancers. Besides matching your company with talent, the site features other helpful software solutions that manage business operations and accounting tasks.

  • recruits only the top 2% of all candidates looking for freelance work in compliance. 
  • Your leadership team can rely on the site’s project managers to quickly recruit and hire new contractors for your role.
10. GigX

GigX is more of a headhunter organization that specializes in hiring hard-to-fill roles. Hiring compliance consultants is possible through the site’s network of talented executives and skilled contractors. The site allows clients to search and message freelancers featured in their database without any upfront payment.

  • The focus on GigX’s site is on finding and hiring freelance executive leadership recruitment, including those in compliance.
  • GigX does not currently offer any managed services in recruiting and onboarding, leaving much of the work up to clients.

Freelancer is one of the oldest freelance marketplace sites that connects clients with contract workers for a fee. Companies that want to do most of the legwork themselves may benefit from Freelancer’s process. You begin by posting your job, waiting for competitive bids, choosing the freelancer and then paying through a milestone system when the contractor finishes the work.

  • If you want more help in your hiring efforts, consider upgrading your experience with Freelancer Enterprise.
  • It may be difficult to find exactly what you need and to avoid potential scams because of the large user database on this site.
12. Fiverr

Another option for freelance hiring is Fiverr, a site that originally started with $5 tasks. Budgets and tasks have since evolved on this site to include projects related to compliance. Your team has the option of creating a gig for freelancers to respond to or searching through the database of compliance pros and reaching out.

  • Fiverr also offers a full-service recruiting solution through its higher-priced Fiverr Pro product.
  • Freelancers must hand over a hefty 20% of their earnings from each project back to the site, which could keep the most in-demand freelancers from wanting to sign up.
13. Remote

Remote is a comprehensive recruiting, hiring and project management system that simplifies many business operations digitally. They provide remote workers through a global network and help you pinpoint specific professionals in a region of the globe. Because of their international focus, they offer onboarding services assisting with translation and payment in different currencies.

  • The site uses a monthly membership pricing model that includes recruiting and managing each contracted employee.
  • Remote also offers a free 30-day trial to allow companies to test the process.

Truelancer is another general freelance marketplace that features a huge database of contractors. You may save money on onboarding costs, but you will have to sacrifice your time and effort to search for the right compliance professional. Truelancer has some AI assistance in matching and managing freelance workers.

  • Just like other freelancing sites, Truelancer offers a premium experience with more assistance called Truelancer Prime.
  • Truelancer also features unique productivity tools that give your company ways to save time and money on administrative tasks.

Learnexus offers a little more than your standard freelance marketplace with its database of vetted experts. They have a proprietary screening process that sifts through applicants and only features the top 1% of professionals. Through their talent engagement team, clients get to work with skilled people who meet the requirements of their projects.

  • Talent on Learnexus gets evaluated after each engagement and must strive to maintain a high score to remain on the site.
  • Experts on this site primarily work in L&D, including compliance and regulatory affairs.
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Guide To Hiring Freelance Compliance Consultants

Hiring Compliance Consultants guide

Compliance professionals play a key role in protecting your business and your future. Their focus is on regulatory compliance and ensuring companies understand industry standards and reduce the risk of legal action or financial issues. Compliance experts must possess a combination of specialized knowledge and extensive experience, making them highly coveted. Our guide helps you learn how to hire compliance consultants and fill this unique role in your company.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for compliance professionals in finance will explode in the next decade, growing by 20%. The growth may result from businesses feeling the pressure of tighter regulations around the globe. Additionally, legal restrictions across industries may also be stricter as legislation catches up to advances in technology.

Compliance professionals are also difficult to source because of the amount of knowledge required for this job. Additionally, each individual must have industry-specific experience and an understanding of the laws and regulations that govern a specific company. Compliance consultants must also show top-notch soft skills, like problem-solving and communication.

One example of a company successfully integrating compliance in its practices comes from an employment and background screening organization. When the company received a consent order from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regarding their practices, they had to act fast to make corrections. 

Because of the highly specific knowledge required for the task, they reached out to a pro to become compliant. According to the company’s CEO, their compliance consultant’s “insight and perspective set us up well to address regulator concerns and get back to a place of good standing.”

Throughout this guide, you will see what it takes to recruit an expert compliance consultant for your team. You can achieve more without worrying about legal and financial risks when you have this vital professional on your side.

Hiring a Freelance Compliance Consultant

When you think about hiring a freelance compliance consultant for your company, you have to start by deciding the scope and scale of what you need. Depending on the type of business you run, you could hire someone on a permanent, full-time basis, part-time commitment or a freelancer. 

For this type of job, freelance workers may be the most convenient, especially since it is so challenging to find someone with specialized regulatory knowledge in your field. Freelancers work on an as-needed basis and assist with individual projects, allowing both of parties more flexibility. You also get more options with remote workers in different parts of the world and potentially could source untapped talent from anywhere.

What Does a Compliance Consultant Do?

Compliance consultants provide businesses with oversight regarding ethical and legal concerns. They oversee different aspects of a company’s operations and business processes to help the organization avoid compliance pitfalls. They prevent problems with legal regulations, financial risks and a company’s reputation with the public.

What does a compliance consultant do? At the heart of a compliance function is an understanding of all legal and industry regulations in a field. The compliance team has to know the latest laws, standards and regulations that your business must follow. In most fields, these standards change constantly, so compliance officers have to adapt to these changes and understand how to interpret regulations into specific actions for an organization.

Besides regulatory issues, a compliance strategy also includes internal audits and risk management. Compliance experts work on a preventative process to keep your business from getting caught in risky situations. They run scenarios, evaluate your current practices and make recommendations to stay in compliance.

Part of a compliance officer’s job is to also provide education to your staff about their activities regarding regulatory compliance. They may assist in training your team so everyone understands the risks of various activities. Additionally, compliance officers play an active role in situations where your company is out of compliance and making corrections.

A case study in compliance comes from Carnival Cruise Lines in 2013. Carnival faced $40 million in fines related to environmental issues from illegally dumping waste in international waters. In 2019, the cruise line hired a compliance officer to mitigate their risk and improve their compliance. 

Their goal was to transform their company culture and prioritize environmental regulations. “Carnival also developed a culture action plan that leveraged information from staff and created a path to meaningfully change the culture at Carnival when it came to compliance. Since putting these leadership changes in place and implementing the culture plan, the number of reported compliance issues by staff have more than doubled,” according to Carnival

In today’s world, compliance is a requirement for success. Having a professional dedicated to this role makes it possible to maintain a viable business.

5 Benefits of hiring Compliance Consultants

How To Hire Compliance Consultants

Why hire compliance consultants and how? Once you determine you need a compliance professional, you have to work with your administration to make a plan to source someone. It is best to use multiple resources, both online and offline, to find someone qualified for this role.

Start by creating a list of your needs for compliance strategies for your team. You may need to reach out to your legal department or consult with an outside agency to determine what your requirements are for a compliance consultant. If your compliance tasks are only for specific projects, you may be fine hiring a contractor or freelancer. If you have ongoing needs, you could consider a full-time or part-time person for the role.

The next part of the process is reaching out to all of your connections and contacts to find a compliance consultant. Use some of the sites in this guide to see the current freelance talent and dig even deeper to get more candidates by connecting with previous employees, partners and industry executives.

When evaluating potential compliance consultants, look into their previous work experiences to see if it is a match for your needs. Besides their experience and industry expertise, evaluate their suitability for your company by asking questions about their instincts. This helps identify raw, entry-level talent.

Looking at potential compliance consultants for hire, you will also see a variety of candidates at the midpoint or senior level. If you have a potential compliance problem, you may want to hire someone with more experience so you can avoid risking your company’s future.

What Skills To Look For When Hiring a Compliance Consultant

The person in compliance management you choose should have the potential to be an asset to your organization. There are important compliance consultant skills you should look for in any applicant who reaches out to you. The most sought-after marketable skills in compliance include many top character traits or soft skills that make someone successful in this position.

Here are the soft skills you should prioritize when hiring a compliance expert:

  • Ability to navigate complex problems: Compliance issues require an ability to critically think about problems and create solutions that mitigate a company’s risk. The ideal candidate must show evidence of problem-solving skills.
  • Strong skills in communicating difficult topics: Part of a compliance consultant’s job is to explain difficult topics to other staff members. Communication and interpersonal skills are a must.
  • Impeccable organization abilities: People in compliance have to run audits on a business’s operations. They must have the ability to organize documentation and run a successful audit.

Technical skills for compliance consultants are dependent on the industry they serve. Compliance consultants in different fields have to demonstrate mastery of regulations related to their industry. Here are some technical skills for compliance officers in a more general field: 

  • Understanding of anti-fraud practices and regulations
  • Knowledge of risk management practices for the industry
  • Competency in the litigation process and government oversight
  • Ability to draft legal documentation that satisfies regulatory standards
  • Expertise with research and documentation regarding ethical practices and industry standards

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Compliance Consultants?

According to Indeed, the average yearly salary for a compliance consultant is $74,005. Compliance consultants with this salary are typically hired as full-time employees on a permanent basis and also receive benefits, such as health insurance, profit sharing and other bonuses. For a freelancer, expect to pay an average of $44 per hour for a compliance consultant’s work.

Tips for Writing a Compliance Consultant Job Description

You have to write a succinct and compelling job description for your future team members if you want to recruit a qualified compliance consultant. First, summarize your company and give an overview of your culture. Then, give details about the responsibilities and daily duties for this role using active verbs. Write a list of preferred qualifications with specifics about metrics. Then, indicate the benefits and other perks of working with your team.

Once you have a list of potential applicants, you need to accurately evaluate each person to see if they are a good fit. Interview using different styles and evaluate the person’s potential rather than what they already have accomplished. Focus on looking for talent with diverse backgrounds to get a full range of abilities. 

Common Interview Questions To Ask When You Are Looking To Hire a Compliance Consultant

When you want to hire someone for this job, a vital part of the process is the interview. Compliance professionals need to demonstrate their thought processes to you by thoroughly answering interview questions. Your management also needs to understand the current status of compliance regulations in your industry to properly evaluate each candidate.

The question you should ask each candidate at some point is: “How did you approach a situation where the organization was out of compliance?” A good answer should address the specific regulation that was out of compliance and the steps taken to put the organization back into compliance.

A second question that should be part of your interview is: “How do you educate staff members about compliance?” Candidates should give details about specific steps compliance officers take to educate staff. They should explain different ideas about training, holding informational sessions and ongoing staff development to ensure that the entire organization remains in compliance. 

A third question to add to your list is: “How do you handle conflict within your team?” Compliance issues can be tricky to navigate, especially if staff members are not following the regulations. Compliance consultants should be able to address issues within their team and create solutions that ensure a peaceful process.

How To Find Freelance Compliance Consultants for Hire

When you want to be competitive in your industry and remain a viable company, you have to prioritize compliance issues. You need to find compliance consultants who understand the legal requirements of doing business in your industry and assist you with following the standards.

Use our sites to hire compliance consultants to give you a headstart in sourcing the ideal candidate for this role. Toptal is a standout source from our list because of how fast you get qualified candidates without doing any work on your end. Additionally, work with the legal community in your industry to find other sources for compliance personnel.

Compliance is not something businesses can afford to ignore. Following the standards and regulations is a requirement for being a part of your industry. Our guide gives you the tools to address this essential part of your organization.


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