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Top 15 Sites To Find and Hire the Best Construction Experts

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

Sourcing skilled construction consultants takes time and effort. If you want to make the process much more fruitful and easier for your team, turn to Toptal for the best construction experts. This site features an exclusive network of the top 3% of the talent pool, a rigorous vetting process and a management team that works to find expertly-matched talent.

Clients say Toptal has an easy and seamless hiring process, like Stephanie Starr, who states, “Toptal matched us with the perfect person to create engagements for our curriculum. The process was easy and smooth. Should we have a need in the future, we will definitely reach out to them again.”


  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for up to 5 days.
  • Completed over 60,000 projects for 25K+ satisfied clients.
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5

If you want to focus your search on a construction consultant and use a site dedicated to the real estate industry, consider Bullpen. Bullpen is a commercial real estate consulting firm that helps companies augment their staff with their solutions. They use tools like client feedback and skills evaluations to help companies find talented construction professionals.


  • 100% of the freelancers featured on Bullpen live in the United States.
  • At least 65% of the freelancers have an advanced degree and more than 10 years of experience is the average.

Since 1989 Accenture has offered businesses consulting services, including freelance construction experts. Now the company is a global brand and a partner for top organizations such as the United States Department of Defense. They offer solutions that incorporate technology into construction project management and consultants who provide expertise in building projects.

  • Clients rave about the fast turnaround time for shortlisting, hiring and onboarding of their network of construction consultants. 
  • Customer service ratings vary due to poor communication, inefficiency and lack of support.

Another provider of consultants specific to the construction industry is HSE Contractors. This site features freelance construction consultants who have experience managing commercial, high-rise, residential, government, infrastructure and multi-use projects. They use a proprietary project management technique called the Critical Path Method or CPM.


  • HSE Contractors provides specific, detailed budgetary reports that could give you the most accurate estimate of your construction costs.
  • They provide remote and on-site teams from around the United States.

Next, check out the home improvement service provider, Thumbtack. This platform is mostly used by residential homeowners to schedule various home improvement and construction projects, but commercial clients may also find talented pros using the service. The service primarily offers local construction experts who could visit your worksite and provide an estimate.


  • Clients use the site by either browsing local construction consultants or by posting their jobs and waiting for quotes from freelance service providers. 
  • According to reviewer Angela D, “This is a very easy application. Thumbtack has a huge database of service providers for a very wide variety of fields and disciplines. I really liked being able to easily access people who could satisfy our needs for the project we had. The reviews of the staff in their database seemed to be very accurate and the site was easy to maneuver through.”

Businesses that need an expert service provider for estimating construction costs may find Construction Check helpful. This site focuses solely on professionals who estimate construction costs. Here, you will find construction experts to give you guidance about managing the budget of your renovation or build.


  • Clients submit the specifications of their construction project and get responses from either consulting firms or freelance construction cost estimators.
  • The site vets each candidate with specific assessments, such as feedback reviews, reference checks and prior project evaluations.

At its core, Webflow is a web development tool that makes design and IT easier for the average person. Founded in 2013, the site has since expanded to include hiring freelance experts for various projects. To access construction consultants or other experts, you need to use the Webflow Expert service.


  • Commercial customers have the option of browsing the network of experts on Webflow or submitting their project needs and using the matching service.
  • Reviews of Webflow Experts give varied hourly rates and suggest that experts have at least five years of industry experience.

If you have a more limited budget, you could hire construction consultants using one of the many general freelance marketplaces. Truelancer is a large freelance site that provides a little bit of everything, including various consultants. With this site, you generally have to do all of the research and hire yourself using their database unless you pay a premium for Truelancer Prime.


  • Standard Truelancer gives you the choice to search their user database or use their AI matching service to find the perfect professional.
  • With the Prime service, you get higher-quality professionals, a dedicated manager and a software tool to manage your freelance workforce.

Based in Germany, ElevateX is a premium freelance marketplace site that focuses on talent in Europe. Their process starts with a free inquiry online, and then their project managers perform a needs assessment to find professionals for your construction needs. The site claims to source people in as little as 48 hours for your remote hiring needs.


  • With a 5.0 rating on Glassdoor.com, the site has a strong reputation for being a great place to work for freelancers. 
  • Besides freelance hiring and management, teams also get access to outsourcing options, employee leasing and workforce management tools.

Insolvo is a simple online site offering tasks and potential buyers for projects. The freelancers featured on Insolvo come from nearly all industries and bring with them a variety of experiences and skills. With Insolvo, you will have to put in some effort and work to find freelance construction experts in its user database of more than 250,000 freelancers.


  • Insolvo freelancers have to pay a subscription fee to join the site, but once on the site, there is no human-directed vetting process.
  • The site employs an AI tool to help match job seekers with clients and determine if the project will be successful.

One of the first general freelancer marketplace sites was PeoplePerHour, founded in 2007. Now, the site features more than three million rated freelancers, including construction experts. To start, you need to post a project, browse their freelance database or read through set service packages to find what you need for your construction job.

  • If you find someone to work with on PeoplePerHour, the site features a workflow tool that gives you a way to oversee the work and pay your freelancer safely.
  • Clients who have a problem with their freelancer’s services have to incur a 10% cancellation fee for an unsuccessful job.

Firms that need manpower quickly in the construction business often have problems sourcing talent. GigSmart tries to fix this problem by offering remote services and a network of freelance construction professionals. This site is a freelance marketplace just for the construction business and may offer more specialized expertise and services than a more general site.


  • The site vets people through background checks and uses technology like Stripe and Chekr to verify each worker you hire.
  • Users may also source and hire workers on the go by downloading their mobile app.
13. Fiverr

Fiverr is another possibility if you want to access another large database of general freelance workers. This site originally started as a way to source talent for small jobs that have a limited budget. If you want to hire freelance construction consultants who may not have a lot of experience or who only demand a low hourly rate, this may be the site for you.


  • There are two tiers of service from Fiverr, the standard site experience and Fiverr Pro, which offers more managed hiring and onboarding for a higher price.
  • Fiverr Enterprise takes Fiverr Pro even further and allows teams to collaborate and utilize top-level project management solutions for a construction project.
14. Guru

Guru is another site that many companies use for their freelance hiring needs. Since 1998, this site has offered various levels of outsourced talent in all types of fields. Guru offers different levels of service based on your hiring budget and requirements.


  • You start by posting your job and then evaluate quotes from talented construction experts.
  • If you want a custom hiring solution, Guru offers its Enterprise service to guide you step by step through the onboarding and workforce management process.
15. Upwork

Another original freelance and hiring site is Upwork, which started as Elance and merged with oDesk. You post projects for construction jobs on Upwork and wait for bids from talented freelancers. Upwork also offers Enterprise, their top-level service that features the very best contractors in your field.


  • While it is possible to find freelancers who perform great work on Upwork, some clients stressed the importance of doing your due diligence to avoid scammers.
  • There is a lot of competition between freelancers, however, so you could get the most competitive pricing for jobs.
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Guide To Hiring Freelance Construction Experts

4 Sources for Hiring Construction Experts

The construction industry continues to grow, up 7% in value this year and with a 6% output increase since last year. Having a construction consultant as part of your team makes it easier for your organization to manage highly complex rebuilding or renovation projects. However, hiring construction experts is no easy feat due to several factors that make sourcing skilled people more difficult.


One reason it is increasingly more difficult to source talented construction consultants is the changing landscape of this industry. Technology is making construction project management look much different than it did a few years ago. 

Consultants in this field need to understand the latest software updates in engineering and construction. They also need to know how to operate new types of technology, such as drones, for building. Additionally, they need to understand how to use more sustainable materials to create a more environmentally-conscious building for your organization.


A talented construction expert helps a business save money on a big project. This professional may also help your team work more efficiently on a construction project without messing up your timeline. Additionally, they could assist with your project running seamlessly and help you get the perfect commercial building renovation or new building you want.


One example of a company finding success with high-caliber construction experts is Skyline Apex Builders. They worked on sourcing talented project managers for their building jobs. Results included benefits to project efficiency, project management practices, deadlines and employee morale. “The new project managers were able to streamline workflows, optimize resource allocation, and ensure consistent project management practices.” 


Through using this guide, your team could also see big benefits to your building project process. Instead of leaving things up to chance, you could recruit talented construction experts to navigate a renovation or new construction job.

Hiring a Freelance Construction Expert


It is also important to choose how you want to hire a freelance construction expert. For many companies, construction may not be a regular part of your business operation model. If so, a full-time or regular part-time expert may benefit your business. For a one-time project in construction, you may get the most out of hiring a freelancer.


Freelance construction experts work on an as-needed basis. This means you do not have to pay a full-time annual salary. They work on an hourly timeline allowing you to reign in your costs for construction. A freelance construction expert may also have the highest level of skills in this arena, giving you access to elite expertise.

What Does a Construction Expert Do?


What does a construction expert do? Construction experts oversee a construction project for your company. This could be a new construction building job or a renovation of your existing facility. They take care of various tasks, including hiring construction workers, designing blueprints, sourcing vendors for materials, obtaining work permits, creating cost estimations and reporting progress to your management team.


Why hire construction experts? If you hire a construction consultant, you could help keep your project on track. Experts in this field help your building project stay on the timeline and within your budget. Additionally, professional construction experts for hire help ensure your project is following building codes and safety regulations.


Construction consultant firm Jost Builders explains how construction experts improve the construction process. Experts “provide services that encompass the full duration of a construction project from beginning stages to the end. We can advise and guide our clients as early as the initial planning stage. After all, it is important to get preliminary plans right, such as the choice of an architect or the identification of a property for construction purposes. Mistakes at this point can be costly, so our construction consultants leverage their connections and expertise in order to avoid these kinds of errors.”


When your firm starts a new construction project, you need a talented pro by your side to guide you. Without a dedicated construction contractor working with you, your team may not be able to handle the rest of your company’s duties and responsibilities, and your building project may not get off the ground.

How To Hire Construction Experts

The first step of hiring a construction expert is when you decide to begin a major renovation project or build a new facility. Once you and your team choose to start a new building project, you need to source and hire contractors to make it happen. Here are some tips on how to hire construction experts


You and your management team need to begin by setting your budget for your construction project. Then, you need to define your build’s requirements for your renovation or new facility. Make a list of the must-haves for the construction project and for the things you and your team would prefer to have in the project.


After setting a budget, you then need to find potential construction consultants to help your project come to life. It is essential to find the most experienced and knowledgeable construction consultant to manage your project so it does not turn into a hassle. You may need to message and interview people through the sites on this guide or reach out to local contractors about their services.


There are several different levels of construction experts, such as entry-level, with only a few years of experience; mid-level, with more experience; and senior professionals, with a decade or more of experience. People with the most years of experience may cost you more initially but end up saving you on project problem costs. 


When it is time to hire the person you end up using, carefully review their previous project outcomes and interview references to learn more about their process. This way, you could partner with someone who will successfully manage your building job.

construction industry challenges

What Skills To Look For When Hiring a Construction Expert


During the vetting process, you need to look for a set of specific construction expert skills that show a history of success. Thoroughly evaluating potential candidates helps you avoid major pitfalls during your construction project and ensures you match with the right professional.


Construction experts have to possess many different technical skills and industry experience. Additionally, they need desirable soft skills that demonstrate a commitment to their job and an ability to work well with others. Here are some other recommended skills to look for in a candidate:


  • Excellent time management skills: Construction consultants have to manage many different workers, lots of specific tasks and a variety of other components on a job site. They have to work well with a schedule and meet deadlines to make their clients happy.
  • Strong leadership abilities: A construction expert often works with a team of general laborers, contractors and skilled workers on a job site. They must command respect and have the ability to inspire others with their management style.
  • Above-average relationship and communication skills: Experts in this field have to build and maintain relationships with contractors and vendors. They have to communicate effectively with your team and their team of vendors to get things done efficiently.


Construction management professionals must also have industry technical skills that show they can perform tasks on a building job site. Some specialists in this field have an undergraduate degree in construction, engineering or a related field. Here are the top skills you need from an applicant:


  • Knowledge and experience in HVAC, electrical, plumbing and other commercial construction systems
  • PMP certification or experience in project management
  • Ability to operate CAD and other design programs
  • Experience with obtaining and managing building permits and licenses
  • Expertise with cost estimation and budgeting tools

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Construction Experts?


Annually, the average salary for a construction expert is $68,461, according to Zippia. This salary includes hours for a full-time employee. It does not include extra costs that the employer pays, such as benefits, employer taxes and other perks. If you want to hire someone at a freelance hourly rate, the average hourly fee is $42, according to Salary.com.

Tips for Writing a Construction Expert Job Description


One of the best ways you could attract a top construction expert to want to work with you is by writing a great construction job description. If you post a job on a freelance site or job search platform, you need a well-written job description to get a good candidate’s attention. Begin writing your job description in an organized fashion, with a strong, specific title and information about your company’s project. 


Besides having a detailed construction expert job description, your firm also needs to understand how to interview candidates effectively. Construction professionals may not need a traditional interview session to demonstrate their value. Consider looking at their portfolio or interviewing previous clients to get information about their past successes. This helps the top people stand out and provides a more diverse hiring experience.

Common Interview Questions To Ask When You Are Looking To Hire a Construction Expert


When you are ready to interview some candidates, prepare your team with sample interview questions. Check out our example questions you should aim to ask each applicant in an interview. 


At some point in the interview, ask this: “What is your process for hiring subcontractors for a project?” Construction experts work with subcontractors on each project. An acceptable answer should discuss ways to ensure quality from a subcontractor and prior relationships.


The next question to add to your list is: “How do you make sure the project runs on schedule?” A strong candidate should have solutions for problems that are common in construction projects, such as delays due to weather and permit issues. Look for answers that offer creative ideas.


Last, ask this: “What do you do to motivate your team of workers on a job?” Your potential new hire or freelance worker should have a set list of ideas for keeping laborers motivated and inspired on the job. They may discuss using incentives, giving positive feedback and other helpful tips.

How To Find Freelance Construction Experts for Hire


Hiring a construction management consultant is a must when your business embarks on a renovation or new construction project. When you need to find construction experts fast, you have to look in a variety of places, such as construction job sites, college engineering programs, local contractor groups and freelance marketplace sites.


Where to hire/find construction experts for hire? One of the top sources is our list of the best sites to hire construction consultants. When you do not have time to waste, use these sites to get results quickly. Toptal offers fast hiring and outsourcing and ensures you get world-class talent without devoting hours of time on your end.


If you are expanding or going in a new direction and need construction services, you have to partner with a top construction professional to lead your job. This way, your team benefits from a better experience and a successful outcome.


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